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Chitlang Nepal
Chitlang Nepal: The Beauty Of Olive Farm And The Joy Of Homestay

Chitlang Nepal :Close to Kathmandu, a different and beautiful place. Chitlang is a piece that can attract anyone’s heart. Thaha Municipality Ward No. in Makwanpur District. Chitlang is in the top

4 Kolma -Notes Nepal
4 Thum And 700 Kolma : Attractive Tourists Destination In Syangya

4 Thum and 700 Kolma The villages around Bahakot in Kolha of Tanahu and Syangja were known as 4 Thum and 700 Kolma. Kolma Bahakot, Raipur, Oreste, Manakamana, Harinas and

Visit Nepal
Visit Nepal : Seven States, Seven Destinations

Visit Nepal : Seven Destinations Visit Nepal, With neither winter nor summer temperatures, the weather is ideal for walking. It is also a bonus for the traveling connoisseur to see

How to reach Tilicho Lake? Trip To Tilicho!!

One of the most popular tourist destinations in recent times is the Tilicho Lake in Manang, the highest point in the world. Once you reach Tilicho Lake, you can take

Mahasivaratri-Notes Nepal
Three benefits that Nepal can take from Mahashivaratri festival

Mahashivaratri festival has been important in Nepal since ancient times. During Mahashivaratri, devotees flock not only to Pashupatinath in Kathmandu but also to Shiva temples all over.But the story of

Places to visit in Nepal : The list of Twenty Must Go Places

  Places to visit in Nepal, Nepal is a very beautiful country which has 1000s of places to visit. Today we will discuss about the 20 places to visit in

Places to visit if you are in Terai (state 2) :Nepal

 Visit Nepal (State 2) If you are in state 2 of Nepal or if you want to visit Nepal then these are the best place to be o .A few

Experience of Lifetime :Pathivara Temple

The number of internal and external pilgrims has been increasing in Pathibhara, an important tourist destination from a religious point of view. Branch pathibhars have been set up at various

Corona virus challenges target of attracting 2 million tourists: Visit Nepal 2020

There are indications that the government’s target of attracting 2 million tourists to Nepal in the year 2020 will be pushed in the first month. Due to the appearance of