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Things Not To Do In Nepal : The List of 8 Things Not to Do

Things Not To Do In Nepal, Nepal is a country which attracts over a 1.5 million tourists every year. The reason these tourists come to Nepal is Nepal is a

Bardia National Park
Bardia National Park : Beautiful Tourist Destination in Nepal

Bardia National Park, Nepal is a country whose geographical features are unique. It seems that nature has focused all its attention on Nepal. Even though it is a small country,

Lungri village
Lungri Village : The Beautiful Tourist Destination in Gandaki State

Lungri village municipality is also one of the 10 local levels of Rolpa district under the 5th province of the Federal Republic of Nepal Named after the beautiful Lungri River,

Tansen Palpa
Tansen Palpa : The Queen of Hills, Must Visit Place in Nepal

Tansen Palpa, the most famous city in western Nepal, has a unique history since its inception, a city located at an altitude of 4300 meters above sea level. Tansen is

Pokhara Tourism
Hot Air Balloon in Nepal : The New Tourism Spot in Nepal

Hot Air Balloon in Nepal ,By flying in a hot air balloon, you can now enjoy the beautiful scenery of Pokhara without being a tourist. Balloon Pvt. Ltd. Nepal, Kathmandu

CG Temple : Another Beautiful Attraction in Nawalparasi District

CG Temple, Built by the Chaudhary Foundation, the temple has become a new destination for religious tourists since its inauguration in 2073 BS. The main attraction is the Ikambareshwara Shiva

Budha Subba : The Temple Where Love Bonding Gets Successful

Budha Subba Temple or Budha Subba is located in Bijaypur of Dharan sub-metropolis of Sunsari district in the east of Nepal. A few east of Dantkali, on the headwaters of

Pokali Jharna
Pokali Jharna : Second Tallest Waterfall in Nepal

Pokali Jharna is the second tallest waterfall in Nepal, located in Pokali VDC, Okhaldhunga District, Sagarmatha Zone, Eastern Development Region of Nepal. This waterfall is about 130 meters high. Falling

Gosaikunda: The Religious Trek, How To Reach Gosaikunda?

Gosaikunda : Overview Rasuwa of Province No. 3 is a district with many glaciers. There are 108 glaciers in Rasuwa. Gosaikunda has become a destination for pilgrimage. Some of the