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Sleep Tips
Sleep Tips : The Balance of Sleep Must Maintain For Health

Sleep Tips , Whether it is modern development or lifestyle or globalization, all these have disturbed our sleep. The World Health Organization (WHO) says the global human community’s sleep is

Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar Disorder : The Symptoms and Prevention of Bipolar Disorder

It is not uncommon to be overjoyed or anxious. This indicates bipolar disorder. It is a complex mental problem that can even lead to suicide. Mania or happy phase of

Digestive System
Digestive System : How To Make Your Digestion Better ?

Digestive System, Everything we eat is difficult to digest. How much digestion capacity is very weak. They have some kind of stomach problem. Even the face of such a person

Yoga in Winter
Yoga in Winter : What are the ways and health benefits of Yoga in Winter

Yoga in Winter, Does regular exercise boost immunity? This is a question that should come to the mind of almost everyone. Exercise has a positive effect on both physical and

Vitamin D
Vitamin D : Why is Vitamin D important For Body? Know The Facts

Sudarshan Basnet, the director of Suswasthya Hospital, Vaneshwar, says, “Most people in Kathmandu are deficient in vitamin D if they have to undergo health check-ups.” He has been found to

Bojo : The Health Benefits and Ayurveda related to Bojo

Bojo is a very useful plant. Of course, some may not like the smell and taste. The burden of tarro and partial piro taste is considered very beneficial for health.

Health Tips
Abortion : How Risky is Abortion ?

How many lives are at risk during an abortion? The health condition of some people becomes very critical. Therefore, only  performed by a legal health institution, in a reasonable period

Motion Sickness
Motion Sickness : The Causes and Ways to Avoid Motion Sickness

Motion Sickness, The long journey is not so easy now. However, for some, even on a normal day, a long journey can be difficult. As soon as they get in

Dementia : The Ways to Cure Dementia and Ways for Prevention

Some basic lifestyle changes can solve a third of dementia patients’ problems. What can researchers do to address dementia? According to a study done on dementia can be solved by