Biography of Prithvinarayan Shah

From time immemorial, epoch-making great heroes have been born from the fertile womb of the Nepalese mother and charioteers riding the chariot of nationalism have emerged. Prithvinarayan Shah is one

Vipasana meditation :Nepal

Vipassana is the most ancient method of self-purification by introspection. To see and understand what is as it is is Vipassana. About 2500 years ago, Lord Gautam Buddha rediscovered this

Experience of Lifetime :Pathivara Temple

The number of internal and external pilgrims has been increasing in Pathibhara, an important tourist destination from a religious point of view. Branch pathibhars have been set up at various

Rato Machhindranath :History and Origin

Rato Machhindranath is worshiped by Hindus as the historical saint Karunamaya, while Buddhists worship Padmapani as the fourth of the five Buddhas. Indrajatra in Kathmandu and Bisket Jatra in Bhaktapur

Typical Nepali Food ‘Gundruk’: Know Gunduk making process

A ‘vegetable’ that has made Nepal an internationally recognized dish.” where Nepalis reach, Gundruk also reaches!”is the popular saying . Historians link Gundruk’s ‘origin’ to the wars that took place

How to eat healthy food during Dashain?

Dashain is the great festival of Hindu in Nepal .In India it is celebrated as ‘Dashera ” which is a festival that has social and religious implications. It is also

Everything you need to know about Lhotse

The fourth highest mountains in the world is Lhotse which is 8,516 m of height after MountEverest , Kanchanjunga ,K2 .Lhotse is considered as a south peak in Tibet .Lhotse

Spiny Babbler: Bird only found in Nepal

Spiny Babbler scientific name is ‘Turdoides nipalensis ‘ which is the bird found and is only endemic in Nepal. This gray colored bird is called Kaande Bhyakur which lives in

10 most cheapest hotel around Kathmandu

10.Traditional comfort -A boutique Hotel(NRP 10,000) Traditional comfort hotel is in kamal pokhari street ,krishna Pauroti which is in heart of kathmandu and easy location.They provide free wifi ,taxi service,provide