Haribansha Acharya
Haribansha Acharya : Greatest Comedian In Nepali Entertainment Industry

Haribansha Acharya (born 2014 BS) is a Nepali actor and singer. He is one of the most successful Nepali comedians. He is also skilled in acting and singing. They are

Baje ko Peda
Baje ko Peda : The King of Sweets

Baje ko Peda : What is It? Baje ko Peda, Saptari’s Baramjhiya on the East-West Highway makes people’s mouths water. The taste of the sweet tree comes and hangs in

Anshubarma Bhrikuti -Notes Nepal
Anshuvarma & Bhrikuti: Unanswered Questions About Anshuvarma & Bhrikuti

Anshubarma Bhrikuti  ,The search for history is a difficult subject in itself. That is why there is no clear evidence of all the events of history. Due to the lack

New Dharahara : New Design
New Dharahara : Every Details About New Dharahara

New Dharahara has started its built up since it was hit by the devastating earthquake in 2072 BS. The administration has unveiled portrayals of the new buildings in the midst

Women Empowerment
Women Empowerment : Status And Challenges In Nepal

Women Empowerment : An Overview Women Empowerment is not just a word. There are many hidden meanings in this word. This word has added a lot of meaning to the

Public service commission -Notes Nepal
Loksewa Preparation From Facebook

Facebook is very helpful in preparing for the Public Service Commission exams.Update and sharpen yourself on national-international developments, general knowledge and intellectual test (IQ) through Facebook.Interacting with friends who are

Making money in Nepal -Notes Nepal
Make Money In Nepal :These Are The Tips For Making Money In Nepal

Nepal-Everyone in the world has the same interest, how to make money? How to get happiness? Many want to make as much money as possible through legal means. Some succeed

Famous Tongue piercing Festival:Nepal

As soon as we say ‘tongue piercing procession’, we remember the biscuit procession celebrated at Bode in Madhyapur Thimi. During the tongue piercing procession, many people had to be fed

How Much is CEO of Different Banks in Nepal Paid?You Will Be Astonished!!

Employees of banks and financial institutions are among the best paid in Nepal. Attractive facilities are more in the bank than jobs in other sectors.The highest salary in a commercial