Ghumte : One Of The Best Tourist Destination In Galkot Nepal

Ghumte : Tourist activity has increased in Lake Ghumte in Galkot. Since the veil has attracted tourists who believe in religion instead of enjoying nature, the veil has recently become

Ramgram Stupa
Ramgram Stupa : The Place Where Burials of Gautam Buddha Resides

Background The municipality is named after the ancient Ramgram Stupa, the sacred relic of Lord Gautam Buddha. Introduction This place in Nawalparasi is a historical, archeological and religious site. Although

Mountain In Nepal : The 10 highest mountains in the world

Mountain In Nepal, Nepal has 8 of the 10 highest mountains in the world. The other two belong to Pakistan .   10) Annapurna Himal-Nepal Named after the Goddess of

Yarchagumba : Nepal’s Most Expensive Liquor Thus Re-Branded

Yarchagumba ; 7/8 years ago, businessman Vicky Goenka was traveling abroad from Kathmandu. At that time, a bottle in the ‘Duty Free Shop’ at Tribhuvan International Airport attracted Goenka. Goenka

Jalbire Jharana
Jalbire Jharana Is A Great Tourist Destination Of Chitwan.

Jalbire Jharana : The waterfall (long waterfall) full of natural beauty is a great tourist destination of Chitwan. Tourists, eager to see the picture, are delighted. Jalbire Jharna is becoming

Sahasradhara Jharna Being Developed As A Tourist Destination

Sahasradhara Jharna : Galkot Municipality-3 of the district has issued DPR for adventure sports canonization at Sahasradhara Jharna in Hatiya for the promotion and publicity of tourists. Ward Chairman Birjang

Devchuli Danda
Devchuli Danda Of Nawalparasi Becoming A Tourist Destination

Devchuli Danda in East Nawalparasi is becoming a tourist destination. Recently, internal and external tourists have started coming to Devachuli Danda for trekking. According to Bal Krishna Adhikari, Chief Administrative Officer

Siddha Gufa And Rock Climbing
Siddha Gufa And Rock Climbing Has Been Centre Of Attraction ,Bandipur

Siddha Gufa And Rock Climbing : Bimalnagar, Bandipur Gaonpalika-4 of Tanahu is currently being developed as a tourist destination. The number of tourists is increasing day by day as Siddha

Uttargaya : Became A New Destination For Rafting

Uttargaya : Another new destination has been added for the development, expansion and promotion of the tourism sector. While the government is preparing for the tourism year 2020, the holy