Chanakya Niti
Chanakya Niti : The Philosophy That Can Change Your Life

Chanakya Niti, Philosopher Chanakya was such a great genius, who had made an impact on the strength of his wisdom, intelligence and ability. Chanakya, the founder of the Mauryan Empire,

Facial Hair in Women : The Perfect Ways to Remove and Control It

Facial Hair in Women Facial Hair in Women, generally a small amount of hair grows on a woman’s face and limbs. Boys grow beards, girls don’t grow beards. But some

Joe Biden
Joe Biden : Who is Joe Biden ?

Former United States Vice President Joe Biden has been elected as the 46th President of United States of America for the 4 years presidency. He was considered one of the

Spirituality : The Perfect Way for a Happy and Peaceful Life

Spirituality, if properly understood, is a universal way of living a full and balanced life. We have such a rare opportunity to find the beauty of life within ourselves. This

Nepali National Food
Dhido and Gundruk : The National Food Of Nepal

Dhido and Gundruk are separate brands of the food in city. However, the Nepali community has also delivered this dish across seven seas. Even Nepali restaurants abroad are proudly offering

Health Insurance In Nepal
Health Insurance In Nepal : Things To Remember In Health Insurance

Health Insurance In Nepal, Our healthcare is very expensive and complex. So when we get sick, we can fall into the clutches of debt. In this case, health insurance is

Lucky Number 7
Lucky Number 7 : Why is The Number Seven is Considered to be Lucky

Lucky Number 7, According to astrology, each number has significance. For example, 1 point of Sun, 2 points of Moon, 3 points of Jupiter, 4 points of Rahu, 5 points

iPhone 12 -Notes Nepal
iPhone 12 : When Is The iPhone 12 Available In Nepal?

iPhone 12 Nepal series, which was unveiled by the American multinational company Apple two weeks ago, is expected to arrive in Nepal by the end of this month. Apple’s official

Meditation -Notes Nepal
Meditation :You can meditate while walking, can’t you?

Meditation : What image does the word meditation form in your mind? Isn’t he sitting with his eyes closed? But, meditation is not the only thing. There are many methods