Garland of Lemon and chilly
Garland of Lemon And Chilly :Common Reasons To Hang Garland

Garland of Lemon And Chilly : Lemons and peppers can be seen hanging on thread in shops and in cars. It is said that lemons are hung in this way

Bihe Ko Lagan 2077
Bihe Ko Lagan 2078 : What Are The Dates for Marriage in 2077

Bihe Ko Lagan 2078, Mangsir is a month of interest for young people who have reached the age of marriage. Even in December of this year, many couples are tightening

Different App
Cat’s Meow Into Human Language : An App To Translate Cat’s Meow

Cat’s Meow Into Human Language : A former engineer at Amazon Alexa has created an app that can even translate your cat’s meow. An app called ‘Moutak’, which he developed,

Suicide in Nepal
Suicide in Nepal : Why Do People Choose to Suicide ??

Suicide in Nepal ,Often people are looking for a way to survive. People are always afraid of death. So people try to prolong life by pushing death as much as

Barack Hussein Obama
Barack Hussein Obama : Who is Barak Obama? Know Everything

Former US President Barack Hussein Obama was born on August 4, 1961 in Hawaii, USA. He became the 44th president of the United States. He was sworn in as President

ram Krishna Dhakal
Ram Krishna Dhakal : A Short Glimpse on Ram Krishna Dhakal

Ram Krishna Dhakal is a famous young artist and singer of Nepal. He sings modern songs. 2.    Address                       :    Sainbu-8, House No. 7, Bhainsepati, Lalitpur, Nepal 3.    Date of Birth              

Space Station
Space Station : Life of Astronauts on Space Station 400 km from Earth

Space Station, Whether a person is in space or on earth, his lifestyle does not change much wherever he goes. People going to the International Space Station, which is 400

Online Electricity Bill Payment
Online Electricity Bill Payment : How to Pay Bill From Your Home

Online Electricity Bill Payment, Customers can read the meter themselves and pay their electricity bills online. The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has made such an arrangement after all the counters

Motion Sickness
Motion Sickness : The Causes and Ways to Avoid Motion Sickness

Motion Sickness, The long journey is not so easy now. However, for some, even on a normal day, a long journey can be difficult. As soon as they get in