Most Handsome Man-Noyes Nepal
Top 10 Most Handsome Man

Handsome man .How is handsomeness is measured ? why some man are handsome and some are not ?How do we jugde them ? There are various criteria to judge for

Most Beautiful Lady Of Nepal-Notes Nepal
Top 10 Most Beautiful Lady of Nepal

Most Beautiful Lady In Nepal -Whether you are selfish or selfless, fair or whitish, tall or short, curvy or skinny, shy or bold, it is a given that you would


Smart Telecom, the third largest telecom company in Nepal, is a private company providing telecom services that is actively involved in meeting the needs of Nepalese citizens for easy access

Constituent of nepal

President President Ram Baran Yadav promulgate the new constitution at a special function in the CA hall will go down in the history books as a day that firmly established

Why eSewa?

eSewa offers a easy and reliable way for payment of bills through Internet. The main thing is, it saves Time which is getting scarce day by day. Imagine you can

Nepal Police Traffic Rules For Pedestrians

General Rules  for Pedestrians The most important safety tip to reduce pedestrian injuries and fatalities is to pay attention.  You can significantly reduce your chances of being in a collision with

This Summer lets make it alive!

Summer is time of Hot Sun and Cool musical Rainfall side by side here in Nepal….But mostly also sweaty shirts and difficult afternoon full of temperature tantrums. So lets make

Gym workouts notes..

Some Gym notes that might come handy… 1) Low digesting Carbohydrates It is seen that low digesting Carbohydrates like whole grains , sweet potatoes, fruit burns more fat when we