Sukhani Kanda
Sukhani Kanda :What Is The Sukhani Scandal In Jhapa?

Sukhani Kanda The incident where five people were martyred at the same time in the communist movement 46 years ago in Sukhani in Mai Municipality, bordering Jhapa and Ilam, is

Kichkabad Jhapa : Famous Tourist Destination And Its History

Kichkabad of Jhapa is an important tourist destination of Nepal, which is associated with the story of the Mahabharata period but is overshadowed in terms of publicity. Archaeological excavations by

Witchcraft : Where Did The History Of Witchcraft Begin? Truth & Illusion?

What is witchcraft woman who knows witchcraft, witch. Obviously, there is a word for witchcraft but there is no word for witchcraft or other masculineIn Nepali dictionary, the word ‘witch’

Makwanpurgadhi : Tourism Hidden In The History Of Makwanpurgadhi

Makwanpurgadhi : Nepalis are beginning to develop an interest in traveling. Nowadays, the bit of tourism is getting wider. Understanding that tourists can only reach the mountains, lakes and temples,

Ruru Kanya
Ruru kanya :History Of Rurukanya Who Grew Up Drinking Deer Milk

Ruru kanya : The confluence of Gulmi, Palpa and Syangja districts of Gandaki Province No. 5 is named after Ridi Ruru Kanya. Ruru, one of the four dhams of Nepal

Witch Doctor
Witch Doctor : The Dark Side To Local Traditional Beliefs In Nepal

Witch Doctor ; Modern medical science has made great strides in the treatment of human beings. However, many people still believe in Dhami Jhankri instead of the hospital. Superstition is

Madi : Dev Dhunga waiting for a tourist

Madi : The head of a Goman snake can be seen in the historical Dev Dhunga in Madi Municipality Ward No. 4 of Sankhuwasabha. Earlier, this stone was just a

National Flag of Nepal : The Important Features and History

National Flag of Nepal, Each country has its own national flag. Each country’s flag is different and has its own characteristics. The national flag is a symbol of pride and

Gandharva : Caste Of Nepal Known For Singing Folk Songs And Folk Tales

Background -Gandharva Gandharva is one of the various castes living in Nepal. This caste is known as the bearer of Nepali folk music. Gandharva has taken Nepali folk songs and