Shreepej : Visit Narayanhiti Durbar To See Shreepej

Shreepej : A decade after the museum was established, the Narayanhiti Museum is preparing to increase the entrance fee. The museum under the Department of Archeology has submitted a proposal

Ravan : Everything History You Need To Know About Ravan

Ravan :Many may not know about Ravan, one of the main characters of Ramayana. He was considered a great scholar. Today we will discuss about Ravana’s wife, children, parents and

Govinda Bahadur Malla
Govinda Bahadur Malla : One of The Popular Writer In Nepal

Govinda Bahadur Malla “Gothale” (b. 1979 – b. 2067) is a famous Nepali language writer. Born from Riddhi Bahadur Malla and Anandamaya in the old customs of Kathmandu, Jaya Bahadur

Tinpane Rakshi : Famous Traditional Beverage To Try In Nepal

Tinpane Rakshi : Recently, after the Bihar state government of India declared a ‘dry zone’ where people are not allowed to consume alcohol, there was an influx of people coming

Aruna Lama
Aruna Lama : The Queen of Voice in Nepali Music Industry

Aruna Lama often sang only songs of pain, suffering and anguish. On the one hand, Aruna’s voice was full of innate compassion, while on the other hand, her life was

Superstition : Superstition Believe You Will Come Across Nepal

Superstition : There is a lot of superstition in Eastern society. Believing and not believing is in its place but most of them have been embracing such beliefs. Fighting when

Jhapa Andolan
Jhapa Andolan : The Story And History Of The Jhapa Rebellion

Jhapa Andolan : The communists sang night and day, “This country is desolate for millions, a paradise for a handful.” In the same period, Karna Bahadur Gautam of Jhapa was

Nepali Singer
Tara Devi : The Swarkinnari of Nepal, Great Singing Idol

Many talents have been born in the field of music. How many talents have left this earth, but their voices are still loved. Singer Tara Devi is also one of

Brahmastra : The Most Powerful Divine Weapon In Hindu Mythology

In mythology, it was the five most destructive weapons. The first Brahmastra, the second Naranastra, the third Pashupatastra, the fourth Vajra and the fifth Sudarshan Chakra. So here are some