Sakela Sili : Kirati Folklore And Culture You Need To Know

Sakela Sili  : At the time of creation, when Sumnima-Paruhang ascended to the sky, Hongcha was alone on earth. He was very nervous. After that, Hongcha established Suptulung as the

Bel Bibaha
Bel Bibaha : Meaning And Significance Of Bell Bibaha In Newari Tradition

Bel Bibaha : A daughter born in a Newar clan gets married three times. Not to marry the groom (man) three times. The first marriage is performed before menstruation, with Suvarna

Thamel Kathmandu : How Was Thamel Fifty Years Ago ?

“Fifty years ago, Thamel was deserted,” recalls Karna Shakya, a tourism expert. The house was thin. There was one house here, but another. In the middle of reaching from one

Sati Pratha
Sati Pratha : This is How Sati Pratha Ended in Nepal.

Sati Pratha, It has been less than a century since the most extreme form of violence against women was formally eradicated from Nepal. Chandrashamsher formally put an end to this

Eklavya : The Sad Story of The Bravest Warrior in Mahabharat

Eklavya is a famous character in the Mahabharata who cut off his thumb and referred to him as Gurudakshina. There are many things about him in various Puranas. Some call

Jung Bahadur Rana
Jung Bahadur Rana : The Things About Him You Never Knew

Jung Bahadur Rana (1874-1933) was the first Shri 3 Maharaj in Nepal . Jung Bahadur Rana, who became powerful after the massacre of Kot Parva, became more powerful than the

Mahashila Dhunga
Mahashila Dhunga : Asia’s Biggest Stone In Kushma Parvat Nepal

Mahashila Dhunga : Various physical structures are being built in the largest rocky region of Asia at the top of the mountain. In the middle of the field is a

Killing of Rawan
Killing of Rawan : What is The Significant Reason Behind It?

Killing of Rawan, Lord Rama had killed Ravana on this very day. The religious statement is like this. Therefore, today is celebrated as Vijayadashami according to the belief that truth

Temple in nepal
Temple In Nepal : Where Women Are Not Allowed To Enter

Temple In Nepal : Although special crowds have gathered at various temples and Shakti Peeths in Janakpur since the beginning of Navratra, the tradition of banning women from visiting the