This is How Sati Pratha Ended in Nepal.

It has been less than a century since the most extreme form of violence against women was formally eradicated from Nepal. Chandrashamsher formally put an end to this cruel and

Biography of Prithvinarayan Shah

From time immemorial, epoch-making great heroes have been born from the fertile womb of the Nepalese mother and charioteers riding the chariot of nationalism have emerged. Prithvinarayan Shah is one

Vipasana meditation :Nepal

Vipassana is the most ancient method of self-purification by introspection. To see and understand what is as it is is Vipassana. About 2500 years ago, Lord Gautam Buddha rediscovered this

Experience of Lifetime :Pathivara Temple

The number of internal and external pilgrims has been increasing in Pathibhara, an important tourist destination from a religious point of view. Branch pathibhars have been set up at various

Rato Machhindranath :History and Origin

Rato Machhindranath is worshiped by Hindus as the historical saint Karunamaya, while Buddhists worship Padmapani as the fourth of the five Buddhas. Indrajatra in Kathmandu and Bisket Jatra in Bhaktapur

Nepal’s Controversial Gadimai Festival

Every five years a fair is held at the Gadhimai temple in Bara district of Nepal. During this fair, people from Nepal and India arrive to sacrifice animals .These animals

The Festival of Colors: Holi,Its Origin and Facts

Nepal is a country full of art,culture and traditions. In Nepal more than 200 festivals are celebrated which is the record of most  festivals celebrated in the world. Holi is

Kumari : The Living Goddess In Nepal

Kumari,is the term referred to the living goddess in Nepal,in Newari Community. It is the culture of worshiping you girls before pubescent period as female deity or a female energy

What Happened in Bhandarkhal Massacre in Rana Regime??Bhandarkhal Parba

Bhandarkhal massacre occured in the year 1806 BS in the garden of kathmandu ,Hanuman Dhoka which was also known as a political massacre. Kaji Bhimsen Thapa was considered as the