Lord Buddha : The Early Life,Struggle & Virtues!

The great human Buddha was born in BC. In 563, on the full moon day of Baisakh, a shawl fell under a tree in the forest of Lumbini. He was

Famous Tongue piercing Festival:Nepal

As soon as we say ‘tongue piercing procession’, we remember the biscuit procession celebrated at Bode in Madhyapur Thimi. During the tongue piercing procession, many people had to be fed

History of Indo-china dispute: Ladakh

Ladakh is famous for its beauty and hilly terrain. For the past several weeks, the area has been in the headlines for the Indo-China border dispute.Ladakh, which has recently become

When were the devastating earthquakes occurred in Nepal?

The first catastrophic earthquake in Nepal was on the third Monday of Bikram Samvat 1218 Asar Shukla. There is no scientific basis for the number of earthquakes that occurred due

Did you read Bhagwat Gita? These are the 18 main gist of the Gita.

The Bible is the largest religious text of the Christian religion, the Koran is the largest religious text of the Muslim religion. Similarly, the Veda is the greatest religious text

Birupakshya:Unsolved Mystery of Pashupatinath

Most people know that idol as the idol of Kali (Yuga). The idol is buried on the ground covering the entire trunk. It is unknown at this time what he

Mahasivaratri-Notes Nepal
Three benefits that Nepal can take from Mahashivaratri festival

Mahashivaratri festival has been important in Nepal since ancient times. During Mahashivaratri, devotees flock not only to Pashupatinath in Kathmandu but also to Shiva temples all over.But the story of

Places to visit in Nepal : The list of Twenty Must Go Places

  Places to visit in Nepal, Nepal is a very beautiful country which has 1000s of places to visit. Today we will discuss about the 20 places to visit in

Places to visit if you are in Terai (state 2) :Nepal

 Visit Nepal (State 2) If you are in state 2 of Nepal or if you want to visit Nepal then these are the best place to be o .A few