Gotra -Notes Nepal
Gotra : History & Its Origin

Gotra  The last name is the main identity of any person. The name matches with many, the surname also matches. However, the tribe is also associated with the Thar, but

Simraunghadh -Notes Nepal
Simraungadh: Fort Of Madhes Used To Conquer Kathmandu!

Simraunghadh is an archeological site. This place is also known as Simara Vangarh, Simmangada, Pata, etc. There are various archeological artifacts and relics from the 11th to 14th century ‘Simraun

Daura Suruwal
Daura Suruwal and Gunyu Choli : National Dress Of Nepal-Cultural Importance

Daura Suruwal And Gunyu Choli : Overview Daura Suruwal and Gunyu Choli are National Dress of Nepal. Nepal is a historical nation. Nepal is also a multilingual, multi-religious, multi-ethnic common

The Proof
Yeti : Just Myth or Real Existence?? Know It!

Yeti is still considered to be a myth. Like the doubt of people in the existence of gods or demons,its same in yeti. People cannot actually deny that it do

Gorkha,Gorkhaland -Notes Nepal
Gorkha :History of Gorkhaland and Gorkha

History of Gorkha  Gorkha-Now the demand for Gorkhaland has risen sharply again  Nepali-speaking Darjeeling people have once again taken to the streets in an organized manner to revive the issue.

Haleshi -Notes Nepal
Haleshi Mahadev Nepal : Beautiful Destination For Devotees

When you reach Haleshi Mahadevsthan, a holy shrine located in the eastern hilly district of Khotang, about 300 kilometers away from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, one gets a wonderful

History of Nepal: Lichhacvi Period
History Of Nepal : Everything You Want To Know About Nepal & Nepali

History of Nepal,Nepal is a country situated in the lap of the mountains between the great countries of Asia, China and India. Its geography, climate, culture and manners are different

Nepali Language : Script
Nepali Language : Origin,History & Development of This Mysterious Language!

Nepali language is spoken in Nepal,India and some parts of eastern Asia. Although there is some controversy about the origin of this  language like most of the Indian languages ​​developed

Kathmandu Valley
Kathmandu Valley : History & its origin

History Of Kathmandu Valley Until 1.5 million years ago, it was not a Kathmandu valley like it is now. Kathmandu Valley was a dense forest. If any human ancestor had