Morsi Indigenous
Morsi Indigenous: Who Have A Hobby Of Killing People

Morsi Indigenous : There are many mysterious indigenous tribes in the world. These tribals are famous for their traditions, way of life and food. Some tribals still live in the

BP Koirala
BP Koirala : The Cornerstone Of Socialism And BP Koirala

BP Koirala  : Nepali Civilization National Awakening and the most popular name of the democratic movement to empower the people is VP. Koirala. These V.S. Krishna Prasad Koirala and Divya

Bhupi Sherchan
Bhupi Sherchan :Poet Bhupi ,Know Every Detail

Bhupi Sherchan has been much discussed till date. Nepali poets have been learning a lot from him. That is why they are our common school. Bhupi Sherchan wrote a trend

Rajendra Laxmi Shah : Contribution To The Unification Of Nepal

Rajendra Laxmi Shah ,After the passing of Babu Narbhupal Shah on April 9, 1779, Prithvinarayan Shah turned into the lord of Gorkha. Around then, he had the realm of Chepe

Rakshyabandhan : History and Its Important ( Date )

  Saja Tiranga narrates the beauty of Rakshabandhan and brother-sister relationship very deeply. Rakshabandhan is one of the festivals of Hindu religion, which has mythological and historical significance in itself.

Narke Snan
Narke Snan : The Originality Of The Disappearing Hell Bath

Narke Snan  : On the day of Krishna Chaturdashi (Narak Chaturdashi), the practice of bathing in natural reservoirs including Khurwadi, Okhle and Katunje in Pokhara Metropolitan City-33 has been disappearing

Yarchagumba : Nepal’s Most Expensive Liquor Thus Re-Branded

Yarchagumba ; 7/8 years ago, businessman Vicky Goenka was traveling abroad from Kathmandu. At that time, a bottle in the ‘Duty Free Shop’ at Tribhuvan International Airport attracted Goenka. Goenka

Kirant period
Kirant period : History You Need To Know ,Yalamber The King

Kirant period The Kirants are an indigenous people of Nepal. The Kirants live from the east to the west of Nepal and from the Himalayas to the Terai. This caste

Indus Valley Civilization
Indus Valley Civilization : The Facts and Findings of Indus

We have read in history about the Indus Valley Civilization. However, this curiosity is not over yet. How did the Indus Valley, from which the seeds of a civilization were