White Blood Cells
White Blood Cells : Why We Need To Maintain WBC in Blood ?

There are three types of blood cells in the body. One, white blood cells. Two, red blood cells. Three, platelets. Of these three blood cells, let’s talk about white blood

First Aid
First Aid : The Details Everyone Should Know In Case of Emergency

First Aid, Suppose your son has a minor injury. The little child was burnt by the fire. A member of the family was injured after falling from a ladder. The

Health Tips Notes Nepal
Alzheimer’s Disease : Everything You Need To Know About It

The statistics are alarming, with an average of one person losing memory every three seconds in the world. Especially because of Alzheimer’s. In the past, Alzheimer’s Disease was the only

Padmasana : Easy Yoga, Multiple Health Benefits

In Sanskrit, Padma means lotus. That is why Padmasana is also called Kamalasana. This posture is most important for meditation posture. This is called the best asana in yoga. A

Dandruff Problem Remedy
Dandruff Problem Remedy : How To Solve Dandruff Problem at Home

Dandruff Problem Remedy, It is difficult to take a bath every day in winter. On top of that, you have to wear thick clothes and a hat to keep your

Hanta Virus
Hanta Virus : Know Everything About Hanta Virus

The shadow of terror and fear of the corona virus is all around us. Another new virus has been reported in China. The new virus is called Hanta virus. One

Dog Bite
Dog Bite : What Should We Instantly Do When A Dog Bites

What to do if a dog bites? We can’t think of anything right now. Dog bites can cause rabies. It can even cause big problems. How many can even die.

Low Blood Pressure Cure
Low Blood Pressure : Everything You Need To Know About Low BP

Normally, if the blood pressure is 90/60 or less, then he has a problem of this . The more serious the high blood pressure, the more normal the low blood

Dry foods
Super Food : 13 Super Foods, Which Increase The Ability To Fight Disease

Super Food, Food is the source of most of the nutrients the body needs, which we consume. Foods found in nature have their own nutrients. The body needs a balanced