Sankata Temple
Sankata Temple: To Be Taken As A Goddess To Remove The Crisis

Sankata Temple in Kathmandu is a famous temple of Sankata Devi. The temple is located in the back alley of the Nepal Airlines Corporation office on New Road, which is

Morsi Indigenous
Morsi Indigenous: Who Have A Hobby Of Killing People

Morsi Indigenous : There are many mysterious indigenous tribes in the world. These tribals are famous for their traditions, way of life and food. Some tribals still live in the

Ghatasthapana : Sahit 2078/2021 .Know The Detail

Ghatasthapana Sahit  : The Ministry of Home Affairs has made public the sites of this year’s Vadadsai. According to a letter from the culture branch of the Ministry of Culture,

Gaijatra: A Unique Celebration Of Death Mourning

Gaijatra Cultural expert Purushottam Lochan Shrestha really took the cow around the city in the year 2052 BS on the day of Gaijatra in memory of his late father. Shrestha

Buddhist Philosophy: Karmasiddhanta In The Flow Of Life

Buddhist Philosophy :It is also heard in the course of life, ‘What is to be brought after death?’ This saying has its own place in many kinds of life philosophy.

Rakshyabandhan : History and Its Important ( Date )

  Saja Tiranga narrates the beauty of Rakshabandhan and brother-sister relationship very deeply. Rakshabandhan is one of the festivals of Hindu religion, which has mythological and historical significance in itself.

Dashain Tika saait in Nepal and other countries 2078/2021 :

What comes first in our mind when we hear the name Dashain??   Dashain :  Dashain is the biggest and auspicious festival of the Hindu religion. Also, it is the

Teej 2078 : Know the Date and its Importance

Teej is an important festival celebrated by Hindu women. This festival is celebrated for 4 days from Bhadra Shukla Ddhitiya to Panchami. In Teej, Lord Shiva is worshiped as well

bhai tika
Bhai Tika (Tihar ) Sahit 2078 :Know The Date and Time

Bhai Tika Sahit 2078  Lights in Tihar, Valini players come and start chanting, ‘Covered with green dung, Lakshmi Puja is worshiped.’ Deusi players come and start chanting, ‘Oh, the flickering