Hindu Spirituality
Hindu Spirituality : What is the Meaning, Importance And Significance

Hindu Spirituality is a philosophy, a stream of thought, a science, our cultural heritage, the essence of the thoughts of sages and mystics, the divine offerings of the Upanishads. Spirituality

Thangmi  Caste
Thangmi Caste : Indigenous Inhabitant Of Dolakha District

The Thangmi Caste had to go through a long period of identity confusion. Due to the monopolistic social structure and extremism, the Thangmi felt embarrassed to identify themselves as ‘Thangmi’.

Lhomi : Indigenous Inhabitant of Himalayan Region of Nepal

The northern part of Sankhuwasabha district, where the Arun River enters Nepal from Tibet, is locally known as Bhotkhola and Varun Upatyaka and Upper Arun Upatyaka on the basis of

Culture In Nepal : About Nepali Caste, Language And Culture

Culture In Nepal  : Among the majority castes in Nepal, the Kewat or Kewart caste is a major caste in the Terai. These castes have been involved in agriculture from

Jhiziya Nach
Jhiziya Nach : Dance Performed By Women During the Dashain

Jhiziya Nach :Since the days of Ghatsthapana, women have been performing wonderful dances at night in the Mithilanchal region. The women are seen dancing in groups with up to seven

Salvation in Eastern Philosophy
Salvation in Eastern Philosophy : The Mystery of Life and Death

Salvation in Eastern Philosophy, In Eastern philosophy, salvation is considered the highest place. But many people are confused about what is salvation and what is called salvation. Salvation is found

Danuwar : Indigenous Inhabitants In Nepal with Mongolian Origin

Who are Danuwar According to historical facts, the Danuwar, an indigenous tribe of Mongolian origin, was an organized caste that ruled in the Mid-Tarai during medieval Nepal (fourteenth century). Which

Tama : Traditional Nepali Food You Must Try In Nepal

Tama  : Bamboo Taama , our native dish. Of course, this is not the season. However, the bamboo copper family is very useful in winter. Bamboo copper is considered to

Newar Caste
Newar Caste : The Indigenous Inhabitant of the Valley

Who are Newar? Newar Caste are an indigenous community that has been living in the Kathmandu Valley since ancient times. The Newar tribal community is called Newa. Newa: It has become