Skin Tips : Cucumber and Banana for Skin Glow

Homemade remedies defiantly makes your skin healthy without any extra chemical using in it .Cucumber and Banana are the beneficial product which are easily available at your home .Masks of

Top 10 Hollywood Movies you must watch !

Hollywood Movies has been the best way for the entertainment of people around the whole world. But people are often confused what movie to watch. The best movie so far

Top 10 Shopping Malls in Kathmandu

Shopping Malls are the places where people find every thing they need under the same buildings. Also they are believed to sell quality products. We will talk about the top

Endangered Raute Tribe Nepal

Raute are one of the nomadic indigenous ethinic groups of Nepal sustaining their unique cultural identities for generation .The group of Raute tribe of Nepal is considered as an example

Ncell voice packs

Ncell has come up with varities of Voice packages .for affortable call Ncell customer can buy the voice pack .There are different peroids of time and offers for the voice

Nepalese Royal Massacre

Nepalese Massacre happened in the year 2001, june 1 .On the ground of Narayanhity Royal Palace .In the mass shooting ,nine member of the family member were killed during the

Nepal Celebrate ‘Day of dog’ as festival

According to the Hindu tradition ,the festivals called Tihar is celebrated for five days .Different animals and birds are worshipped in those five days . Among different animals ,Dog is

NTC with varieties voice pack(Day,Night,Unlimited and all time

NTC has come up with varities of Voice packages .For affordbale call NTC prepaid or postpaid customer can buy the voice pack. NTC also offers seasonal offers in Nepal like

Strange place in the world

Thors well,Oregon,USA Thors well lies in USA ,there is the natural hole that seems to be draining the sea.It is also known as the drainpipe of pacific.Well it is only