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Vten :Freedom is never absolute. Moreover, the fact that freedom of expression cannot be unlimited is confirmed by the fact that its restrictive phrase in the Constitution of Nepal does not mention things that are against social and public decency and are considered abusive. Now, what is social etiquette? Etiquette cannot be seen in the same basket.

This may vary according to the structure and environment of the society. However, the Criminal Code of the country also considers obscene activities or behavior or gestures in public places as offenses against the public interest, health, safety, convenience and morality. Defamation and insult against any person or organization is also a crime. Vten


Now the question arises whether the sentiments recently expressed by Sameer Ghising, i.e. V-Ten, through the song, degrade social etiquette and the dignity of the police? Is his rap uploaded on the social platform YouTube disruptive in the society? Or did the police have to search for him shortly after the song was sung? Vten

Such questions cannot be answered in two ways. Arresting someone on the basis of singing a song could be called an attack on freedom of expression. At the same time, it is necessary to control the spread of obscenity and indecent behavior in the society. Coincidentally, Sameer was arrested on the same charge last year. And, after apologizing for not doing so in the coming days, the police handed him over to his parents. Less than a year after the incident, the same Sameer has released another song to humiliate the police. Vten

He has used more vulgar and obscene words in his songs than when he was arrested earlier. This raises the question of whether he wants to use his freedom of expression properly or whether he is producing songs targeting the police. Creativity is the representation of something figuratively or figuratively. Vten

Music is considered to be an original and intellectual asset because of its creativity. Vten However, those who consider the drought of creativity and the violation of social values ​​and ethics as their only bravery do not mean the image. As the artist is also a member of the society, he has no right to go against the social ethics. And should not be. Vten

However, due to the drought of morality of the police rather than the singers, the question that needs to be asked on one side has come up on the other side. This is not uncommon when the civic image of the police administration is tarnished. It is not uncommon to see civic support for Sameer Ghising, who has been slammed by the government for coming under pressure from the authorities. It would be better for the police to look for ways to improve their image than to find out that others have attacked their image. Vten

Dugarshe Thapa had earlier been arrested on charges of spreading obscenity through songs and music. There is also an example of comedian Pranesh Gautam going to jail on the basis of satirical review of the film. Seemer himself is in police custody. However, more attention has been paid to how we spoke than where we spoke. Vten


What words are used is more important than what message is given. Because of our social structure, ordinary people limit themselves to listening, not speaking. What is good or bad is defined on the basis of social values ​​and beliefs. In the context of what is dignified and important and what is unrestricted, it is now necessary to debate on the extent to which any creation can get that exemption in the context of self-censorship. Vten


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