Furniture Buying Tips : Be careful when buying furniture

Furniture :Vastu Shastra not only provides information related to the construction or direction of the house, but also important information about the items to be kept in the house. According to Vaastu, a special kind of energy emanates not only from living beings, but from every object.

The architecture also mentions what should be placed where and how in which direction. There is also information about the it that is considered an important part of the house. According to Vastu, if it is placed in the wrong direction or in the right way, there can be financial loss.


1. When buying new thing , you should not forget about Tuesday, Saturday and New Year’s Day. Buying things  these days tends to be dominated by negative energy in the home.

2. You need to buy the right size for the room in the house. If the whole room is filled with furniture or the space in the room is not filled, it is also feared that negative energy will increase.

3. It is also important to know what wood is made of when buying it . It is better to buy wooden furniture including Sisau, Ashoka, Sal and Neem. But you should not buy wooden furniture made of peepal or bark.

4. According to Vastu, the heaviest things of the house should always be placed on the south and west side only. The north and east sides of the house should be kept as light and open as possible.


5. However, everyone’s choice of furniture is different. But according to the architecture, only square or four-sided should be bought. It is better not to buy triangular, round or oval shaped .

Dashain Tika Saait 2078 (2021)

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