Mahashila Dhunga : Asia’s Biggest Stone In Kushma Parvat Nepal

Mahashila Dhunga : Various physical structures are being built in the largest rocky region of Asia at the top of the mountain. In the middle of the field is a huge rock, the old name of which is Mehal Dhunga. The locals claim that this stone in  village is the largest stone in Asia. Spread over an area of ​​about 13 ropanis,  Dhunga is becoming a center of attraction for tourists visiting the mountain.

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In the past, due to lack of publicity, this stone was not much talked about. Mahashila Dhunga can be reached after a one and a half hour road journey from the mountain headquarters Kushma. Even though the facilities of the road have been reached, the tourists have not been able to reach there. But now, on the initiative of the village municipality, road maintenance, construction of idols of goddesses and homestay have been conducted.

Mahashila Dhunga
Mahashila Dhunga

Similarly, a ‘Mahashila Tourism Development Committee’ has been formed to identify Mahashila Dhunga as a tourist destination. The Gandaki state government has also allocated Rs. 820 million for the construction of infrastructure . Besides, the Gandaki state government has allocated Rs. 5 million for the construction of water taps and construction of 108 taps has been completed as per the same plan.

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Mahashila Dhunga
Mahashila Dhunga

Mahashila Dhunga can be an excellent destination for both internal and external tourists. The village municipality is working to manage it properly. The municipality also plans to move ahead with the construction of a 108-foot statue of Lord Shiva. According to the long-term plan, the village municipality has also made plans to build a glass bridge, set up a culture school and build an old age home for 200 senior citizens.  visit kushma parvat .

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