Gaja Daha : The Natural Beauty Of Gaza Is Waiting For Tourists

Gaja Daha : The natural beauty of Gaza is waiting for tourists. Gemini is one of the tourist destinations of Daha district located in Municipality-3. Daha can be reached after crossing 24 km by car from the district headquarters. Tourists who enjoy hiking can reach Daha in four to five hours. Located at an altitude of 2,800 meters, Daha is considered by the locals to be a unique gift of nature. Daha is also important for cultural reasons.

Gaja Daha
Gaja Daha

The mountainous scenery seen from Daha has even more enticed everyone. Gurans, which blooms in spring, enhances the beauty of Daha. The locals have come up with a conservation plan to prevent the beauty of Daha from deteriorating. Local Ram Bahadur Chhantyal said that the old condition of Daha is still there. The goal is to develop Daha region as a natural, religious and cultural destination.

Gopal Chhantyal, chairman of the Gaza Dah Conservation Committee, said that the dah was hidden despite the possibility. He said that tourists can be attracted if tourism infrastructure is built. “Some work has been done for the conservation of the lake,” said Chairman Chhantyal. “Other infrastructure is needed to attract tourists.” Although domestic tourists have gone to visit Daha, foreign tourists have not been able to reach.

Gaja Daha

Schools and various organizations have been taking observation tours to Daham. Gaza seems to be an important destination for hikers looking for mountains through the dense jungle. From Baglung Bazaar, the tourist villages of Bhakunde, Sigana and Reshko Chapakharka can be reached. Dozens of mountains including Dhaulagiri, Annapurna and Machhapuchh can be seen during the Gaza Dah Yatra.

In between, there is a hotel for lunch and a night out after reaching Daham. Local hoteliers say there are no problems with food and accommodation. The Pokhara Tourism Office has also been providing budget for the tourism development of Daha. From that budget, work has been done to install tarpaulin and wall around Daha.

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Gaja Daha
Gaja Daha

Although a master plan was made for the overall development of Daha a few years ago, it has not been implemented accordingly. The master plan aimed to build infrastructure such as a view tower, footpath and community lodge near Daha. There is a lot of potential for tourism development in Daham if proper publicity is provided by building infrastructure.

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