Chitlang Nepal: The Beauty Of Olive Farm And The Joy Of Homestay

Chitlang Nepal

Chitlang Nepal :Close to Kathmandu, a different and beautiful place. Chitlang is a piece that can attract anyone’s heart. Thaha Municipality Ward No. in Makwanpur District. Chitlang is in the top 10. Olive Farm, which was established about 20 years ago in this place, has made the tourist attraction even more attractive. On top of that, the alpaca, which originated in South America and is considered rare in Asia, attracts the attention of anyone.

Chitlang Nepal
Chitlang Nepal

At first glance, a very expensive wool is extracted from a different type of alpaca, which looks like a small cow. This is the only animal in Asia that is available in this part of Nepal.As it is close to Kathmandu and can be reached in a short time, many people’s eyes are on Chitlang Nepal. Not only domestic tourists but also foreign tourists like to enjoy here.

One of the two best oxygen-rich plants in the world is basil and the other is olive. After basil, olives are considered to be the best oxygen giving plant. Europeans and Americans spend millions on olive oil alone. Seen in this light, this place is considered as a strong potential place as an international tourist destination.

This is how to reach Chitlang Nepal from Kathmandu

Chitlang Nepal
Chitlang Nepal

Chitlang Nepal can be reached by four routes from Kathmandu. According to which, Chitlang Nepal can be reached at a distance of 18 km from Thankot via Chandragiri through the shortest distance. Similarly, if you go through Matatirtha Sakhkhel from Kathmandu, you will have to cover about 27 kilometers. Currently, both the routes are half-raw and half-paved, while road construction is in full swing.

Chitlang can be reached from these routes in about half an hour after the road is paved. There are also two other routes that are in good condition. Pharping is also considered to be the best way for tourists who travel a long way. Going through Dakshinkali Pharping Kulekhani, you reach Chitlang at a distance of 52 km. Similarly, Chitlang Nepal can be reached through Thankot Naubise Tistung for another long and winding journey. Its distance from this route is 75 kilometers.

Features of  Chitlang Nepal:

Of course, Chitlang Nepal is enough to visit rural settlements as it is close to Kathmandu. But if you want to know the features of this place, it is considered to be a wonderful place for anyone to visit at least once in their life. The first feature here is that even though it is close to Kathmandu, after reaching it, it feels very far away and you can feel refreshed in a short time.

The second characteristic is that the atmosphere is very good. On top of that, the only feature here is to see the open and blue sky. Tourists visit here in almost all seasons to experience the blue sky. The blue sky seen from here in every season cannot be seen anywhere else in the country. Similarly, Alpa, which is rare in the world and only found here in Asia, can be seen here.

Alpaca is a larger animal than a goat and smaller than a cow. The Himalayan Plantation Company has reared 17 alpacas at present. It is the most expensive animal in the world. Tourists also come here to see Alpaka. Similarly, Olive Firm is another center of attraction here. Many people like to visit the olive farm, which is second only to basil in oxygen. Foreign tourists come here just to get its oxygen.

Doctors say that a person living on olive oxygen can live 20 percent longer than other people. After reaching Chitlang Olive Farm, you should not miss the green tea of ​​olives. After reaching here, a visit to Indra Sarovar Lake (Kulekhani) Daman etc. is also considered to be excellent.

The historical side Chitlang Nepal

Chitlang Nepal

Ashoka Chaitya is one of the many historical sites in Chitlang. It is said that Emperor Ashoka of India used the same route many times when he visited Nepal, so his daughter Charumati built the shrine about 2500 years ago as a memento. There is even a statement that the name Chitlang is derived from the name of the same chaitya. Kattik dance is very famous here. On the occasion of Buddha Jayanti, a large number of Buddhists from home and abroad come here.

Satdhara is another historical site of Chitlang Nepal. It is said that this area with seven stone fountains was once the abode of Ganesh, Shiva, Krishna and Saraswati. This area is covered with dense forest. Every year on the day of Vasant Panchami, Saraswati is worshiped here. Similarly, the first Nepali industry to make cheese from goat’s milk is located here, which is called goat cheese. The trip to Chitlang Nepalis considered complete after visiting the Goat Cheese Factory.

Olive firm’s homestay is suitable for living

After visiting for a few days, you need a suitable place to stay. A homestay that has just been housed inside an olive farm may be the best place to stay. However, hotels are also open near Indra Sarobar Lake. But the fun of playing with the alpaca animals while looking at the blue sky with olive farm oxygen is different. That is why this well-equipped homestay is considered to be the most important. Padam Singh Khadka, manager of Himalayan Plantation, says that many people prefer homestay for low-cost living and oxygen for olives.

Benefits of Olive Chitlang Nepal:

Cancer prevention: Olives are one of the major sources of vitamin E. Vitamin E prevents the accumulation of unnecessary fat in the body and helps to keep the tiny cells inside the body clean. If the DNA of the cell is damaged, it becomes cancer ,  Olives help the cell to produce enough energy to prevent cancer.

Skin and hair health: Olives reduce the supply of oxygen and reduce fat which protects the skin and hair. Olives nourish the skin and hair. For this, you should massage your hair and face with olive oil.

Bones and Intoxication: Olives are beneficial for bone, joint and heart patients. Olive oil contains a chemical called oleocanthal, which acts as a painkiller. A study has shown that oleocanthal works on a drug called ibuprofen.

Chitlang Nepal
Chitlang Nepal

Digestive system: Due to the continuous use of olive oil, the number of intestinal cancers has been gradually decreasing. By reducing the amount of unnecessary substances produced in the body, olives prevent intestinal cancer. Also, olives are beneficial for stomach related diseases like gastric and ulcers. Olives produce pancreatic hormone faster than medicine, which prevents stones from forming. In this way, olives help to stay healthy by preventing all diseases related to the digestive system.

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Sources of Iron: Olives are one of the major sources of iron for the body. Iron deficiency causes the body’s cells to not get enough oxygen, which makes us weak. Olives can be used to prevent this from happening. Adequate iron boosts the body’s immune system. Therefore, olives are beneficial for the human body.

Eyes: Olive is also useful for eyes. Olives contain 10 percent of vitamin A, which helps keep the eyes healthy. It improves night vision of the eyes. Olives can also be used to treat various ailments and weaknesses that appear with age.

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