Putali Durbar : Ancient Putali Durbar Known As Butterfly Palace Of Nepal

Putali Durbar  :Surrounding wall, orange orchard in the middle. Mango tree in the courtyard. The butterfly-like white palace in the middle of that garden is truly full of craftsmanship. This is the appearance of the Puppet Palace about 111 years ago. Construction began in 1960 and was completed in 1965. Putali Durbar is a dynamic ‘lifeline’ for the development of Dang and Salyan. But that lifeline disappeared within a few years.

Putali Durbar

During the Maoist war, windows and doors were stolen from the palace. Interpreting the Maoist war as a symbol of the feudal monarchy as it reached its climax, the Maoist cadres themselves made the attractive and artistic windows and doors and other furniture disappear overnight. That is why the existence of Putali Durbar came to an end within a few years.

The site where the palace is currently located

Putali Durbar
Putali Durbar

According to the local senior citizens, the demolition of Putali Durbar started in Bikram Samvat 2057/058 BS. At present, there is no trace of the name of Putali Durbar. The stones and bricks brought for the construction of the palace are scattered here and there. Some are building houses out of palace stones, while others are building walls.

During the reign of King Rajauta from 22 to 24, Shamsher Bahadur Shah had that attractive doll palace built in Phalawang of Salyan. Until the reign of the Phalawangi king, the rule of Dang and Salyan was conducted from here. Elephants, horses, dola, susare, the king’s army and the people used to come and go in Phalawang for the ride of the king and queen. At that time, Phalawang was in the role of the mayor of Dang and Salyan.

Like the butterfly of Phalawang, the ‘butterfly palace’ is still fresh in people’s memory. Phalawang can be reached after traveling up the hill about 15 kilometers west of Salyan’s Kapurkot Bazaar. A road from Kapurkot village municipality has been dug recently. Only jeeps run. Similarly, Dang Tulsipur Sub-metropolitan Ward no. There is also a road to Luham via Phalawang through the hill of Tharkot under 3.

It is not possible to drive on this road except for small vehicles like jeeps and tractors. Falawang, once considered the center of power in two districts, is now anonymous. As the Nepali Congress intensified its anti-Rana movement, Raja left the palace and went to Kathmandu. At the same time, the existence of the Phalawangi king and the Putali Durbar became anonymous.

The Puppet Palace at Phalawang in Salyan was a summer palace. In the summer, King Salyan ruled in a cool environment, while in winter, he ruled from the palace at Dang Tulsipur. The palace was built by Shamsher Bahadur Shah According to local Govinda Bahadur Basnet, 73, Shamser Bahadur Shah was the son-in-law of Devshamser Jawara while Shamsher Bahadur’s son Gehendra Bahadur Shah was the son-in-law of Juddhashamser Jitendra Bahadur and Surendra Bahadur are also the children of Phalawang king.

Putali Durbar
Putali Durbar

The name of Sharad Chandra Shah remained in the spotlight in Nepal till the reign of the king. Even now, the land where the palace is located is in the name of Govinda Bahadur Shah, the son of the king. As the anti-Rana movement started by the Nepali Congress was intensifying, the Putali Durbar was being maintained and repaired with the mediation of Khilat Bahadur Singh, a resident of Gaurigaun in Tulsipur, Dang. After her time, there was no one to take care of Putali Durbar.

According to local Doj Bahadur Nepali, 67, the butterfly palace was as beautiful and attractive as a shining butterfly. “I see that palace in my dreams even today,” said Nepali. “I imagine when and who will build the same palace here again.” He expressed his desire to see Putali Durbar in Phalawang again and die. “It simply came to our notice then. It should be preserved for the study of future generations, ‘he said.

Pictures of the palace hung on the wall of the house by the locals. Even today, people come from far and wide to see the Puppet Palace and Phalawang. But they return to see the picture of the palace that the locals respectfully hang on the wall of the house. Hotaram Basnet, a 65-year-old local, also said that the state had made a big mistake by not paying attention to the protection of the palace.

Putali Durbar
Putali Durbar

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Even though the name of Putali Durbar is not targeted, today there are traces of Dhansar (Bhakari) and Hattisar. People from Kathmandu, Palpal and other places come to explore the beautiful butterfly palace of Phalawang. Experts say that the state should rebuild the Puppet Palace while preserving the art and culture of history.

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