Sukute Beach : A Travel Exprience to Sukute Beach

Sukute Beach, Table tennis and darts were played alternately for an hour. It was very hot inside the tent, I couldn’t sleep. He came out and slept on the mattress on the side of the bridge. There is a stream. The river has accumulated sand in Ghumoto. That is enough for us citizens of a landlocked country. Two pillars have been buried there and a net has been hung. Beach volleyball is played there. On the other side is Lingye Ping.

Sukute Beach
Sukute Beach

“Let’s go somewhere,” said Jeeva. Friends were shocked. The interns cheered. Some were in a dilemma whether to go or not. At the same time, someone gave a wonderful jhataro – hat, you can neither campfire in such a rainy day, nor can you go rafting when the weather is hot. Eventually, 12 people got in between Mission Sukute, because Yarana and Yatra were more important to us than the destination. As there will be a holiday on Saturday, everyone agreed on the plan to come on Saturday.

Sandeep and I went to Thamel and booked in advance. At three o’clock we got in the car from Gaushala. Antakshari started from the airport – red vaccine on the forehead. There was another family group in that car. A middle-aged brother wearing a black cap was very funny. As soon as Meso fell in Antakshari, the brothers would pull the lebro and start singing old-fashioned songs. Sukute was not found in two and a half hours. The Sukute area is full of hotels and resorts. Sukute has become the choice of many people as it can be reached in a few hours from Kathmandu.


Trisuli Rafting
Sukute Beach

As soon as we got there, we headed towards the office. Each person has to pay Rs 2,200. An assistant showed us our tent. A group of 12 people stayed in a cottage and two tents. The helpers were saying, “Come fresh, the snacks are ready.” Dinner starts at 9 o’clock. As it is Friday, DJ music is available from 7 am to 11 pm. Listening to him, the faces of those around us became radiant. I started dancing today. What was it like to be fresh? He took off his clothes and jumped into the nearby pond. There were about 300 guests at the resort that night. Snacks were ready for everyone. We all lined up showing coupons.

The chicken sequoia had a special taste in the snacks. He sat in an outfit that could be dived at any time till 9 pm. In the evening, you could watch a video on a big projector, drink and swim. Then we all went downstairs to Bhotekoshi for a photo session. Q: What does Bhotekoshi shed the most? Answer: shoes. Without saying a word, one’s shoes slipped. For a while there was a competition as to who would make the stone chang bigger. After dusk, we headed back upstairs. Swimming resumed.

When we were tired, we set up a table at the top of the small bridge and sat around. The colorful rays of light thrown by the lights on the trees have hit everyone’s face. Even if you don’t know the details, you clearly know whether you laughed or not.


Sukute Beach
Sukute Beach

Anjali turns the water bottle around and announces the truth and dare. In the end, the game ends when Priyanka asks for a phone number from an unknown boy. We go down for refreshments for a while. “Ah, the real DJ is playing harp music. Let’s go and dance fast,” says Sameer. The youngsters are dancing to the music that is as loud as the earth. After 11 o’clock, the food is opened.


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Table tennis and darts were played alternately for an hour. It was very hot inside the tent, I couldn’t sleep. He came out and slept on the mattress on the side of the bridge. Many people did not sleep that night and it was clear in the morning. After breakfast, the advice goes – ‘The flood has come very high today. Do you want to go rafting? ‘

Life is lost but rafting is not given up. After filling out a long form and paying Rs 1,000 per person, the guide indicates to go to the river with helmet, jacket and paddle. We throw sandals in the sand and go for rafting. Our original guide Rajkumar Shrestha gives a half hour orientation on the rules, discipline and safety and rescue of rafting.


Rafting Trishuli
Sukute Beach

Eight of us started paddling forward with Bhotekoshi. Our laughter and screams erupted when we were hit by the waves. After overcoming the big wave, the guide would capture the video on GoPro called ‘Paddle HiFi’. We all started turning the paddle again saying Jai Bhotekoshi. When the light arrives, the guide tricks one of us and throws him into the bhotekosi.

Then everyone jumps. Holding the rope of the raft in the murky water, we keep on flowing at the speed of the water. That was purely natural pleasure. We deliberately capsize the boat. Shrina Duber Kayak has to be rescued. In a few moments we jump into the swamp of Quicksand. Doing so, you reach Dolalghat in an hour and a half. From there we go to Sukute again and have lunch and leave for Kathmandu at 3 o’clock.

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