Madi : Dev Dhunga waiting for a tourist

Madi : The head of a Goman snake can be seen in the historical Dev Dhunga in Madi Municipality Ward No. 4 of Sankhuwasabha. Earlier, this stone was just a rock. But now everyone looks like a goman snake, said Tika Subedi, a member of the Dev Dhunga Divya Darshan Dham Conservation Committee.

Earlier, the shape of the stone was similar to that of a Goman snake but it could not be identified, said Subedi. But when the Goman snake-like figure was identified, the discussion of Dev Dhunga started, he said.Madi

There is a legend that Jalpa Devi has a place in this stone cave for four generations. According to priest Dedraj Dahal, the pigeon sacrifice has been stopped twice a year on the basis of the belief that Shiva resides inside the cave since 2070 BS. Priest Dahal informed the civic interest that there is divine power in this area as swearing can solve any problem in the house. Madi

In the year 2070, various idols of gods have been carved in this area. A statue of Shiva Parvati has also been erected inside the cave. Regular worship is being conducted by organizing Mahayagya in Chaitra 2071 BS. This area is being protected and managed by Dev Dhunga Divyadarshan Dham Conservation Committee. Madi

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The former Dangdunge stone is now the Dev stone -Madi
A large rock 20 meters high and another big rock on its right and left side has become a cave. There are also two caves on the right and left. The right cave is about 7 meters long and the left cave is 20 meters long. Inside the left cave are artistic idols of sleeping Shiva and standing Parvati, Shiva Ling and Ganesha. In another cave there is a statue of Vedavyasa Rishi doing penance and a statue of Gautam Buddha. There are also idols of Brahma, Vishnu and Krishna on the head.

The nearby statue of Basaha was built by the Madi Koirala family. Other idols are mentioned in the inscription built with the investment of Matrika Subedi and Chevan Subedi of Okharbote. A Pathibhara temple has been established on the west side near Dev Dhunga. This temple was built by Matrika Subedi and Chevan Subedi. It is mentioned in the inscription that the idols inside the temple were built by the Subedi brothers. Madi


A four-storey town tower is also under construction near the temple. The town tower is being constructed by the municipality through the urban development plan. Madi

Towers and temples built in and around Dev Dhunga have been built for public trust and beauty. But due to lack of publicity, the area has been overshadowed, said local Subash Dahal. He said that it would have been better if the ward and the city had taken initiative to attract internal and external tourists even though the area was a tourist area. Madi

Last July, a team of Lal Kaji Lamas, head of the sculpture department at the Nepal Academy of Fine Arts, conducted a feasibility study in the area. This year, with the investment and partnership of the local government, there is a plan to build a full-sized 40-foot-tall idol of Lord Shiva, said Lal Kaji Lama.


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