Devghat Dham : Place of Attraction For The Religious Tourism

Devghat Dham is a sacred religious site in Nepal. This place, the confluence of Tanahu, Chitwan and Nawalparasi districts of Gandaki, has its own characteristics.The  Conservation Foundation Chitwan has also been formed for the publicity of Devghat Dham, about 4 km north of Narayangarh. This committee organizes various programs from time to time. The committee is urging the local, state and central governments to protect Devghat.

Devghat Dham
Devghat Dham

Devghat Dham is the choice for Indian and domestic tourists. Devghat is also glorified in the Puranas. Devghat is known as a place visited by the gods. Devghat was formerly called Devatan. Later, it was renamed as Devghat. In the scriptures, Devghat is also known as Devatan and Devbhoomi.Seven glaciers are rare in the mixed saptagandaki world. Which is found in Nepal. One is in the east and the other is Devghat.

As mentioned in the scriptures, the river Trishuli, which flows from Gosaikunda by Lord Shankara piercing it with a trident, and Lord Vishnu are believed to have become Shaligram to get rid of the curse of sati. Devghat Dham is also an important confluence of Kali from Damodarkund.General Secretary Madan Raj Mishra said that the campaign of Devghat Dham Conservation Foundation Chitwan is to develop it as a religious tourist area.

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The committee is organizing Mahayagya programs in all the seven states for the publicity of Devghat Dham. The Mahayagya, which will start from Gandaki, will be held in Pokhara from Poush 25 to 4 January. The ‘Ashta Dhatu Collection and Shrimad Bhagwat Virat Gyan Mahayagya’ is being held at the site adjacent to Taragaon Resort in the western part of Pokhara Airport. Which will be delivered by Pandit Bal Krishna Aryal. The Mahayagya Nagdhunga Mothers’ Group is going to be held in collaboration with Pokhara.

Hindu religion
Devghat Dham

The purpose of performing Mahayagya is to build a structure for three classes of children, youth and old religious tourists at Devghat Dham. The Government of Nepal is also cooperating in this. According to Mishra, Devghat is different from other religious places. Tourists coming from India should enter Birgunj, Mahendranagar, Kakadbhitta, Sunauli from wherever they enter through Devghat. Other famous religious sites in Nepal, Pashupati religious area, Muktinath religious area, Devghat road to go.

But the Devghat Dham area is not benefiting. The reason is that there is as much as nature has given in Devghat. Nothing else Egypt understands that this is due to the lack of man-made structures. He mentioned that this situation has arisen due to weak management in Devghat. Due to lack of publicity in Devghat like other areas, we are not able to get the financial benefits from Devghat Dham as we said. Egypt believes that only religious tourists can contribute to Nepal’s economic prosperity.


Devghat Dham
Devghat Dham

He said that the government of Nepal has invested in the development of religious tourism and its promotion. Devghat Dham, rich in historical, religious, cultural and natural heritage, is a very important area for peace and spiritual upliftment. The beautiful landscapes of rivers, green hills and biodiversity can be observed in this region. Nepal’s borders should be involved in the promotion of such an important area. Local bodies need to do the same.


Mishra says, ‘Tourists do not go to Devghat, they go. However, there is no lodge or hotel in Devghat that can accommodate tourists even for one night. They go around for half an hour and come back. ‘This is the time to think about whether the tourism year will be successful or not. The Government of Nepal is preparing to celebrate Tourism Year 2020. Mishra is of the view that the government’s tourism year can only be made successful by religious tourists if the construction of infrastructure is considered along with the improvement and protection of the religious tourism sector.

hindu religion
Devghat Dham

This problem has arisen as there is no other place to bathe in Devghat Dham except bathing. He said that if the government of all the three levels builds the structure in the area to attract religious tourists, it will also help the locals in earning income. A special fair is held at Devghat Dham throughout the month of July and on the day of Maghe Sankranti. Religious tourists from Nepal and India often come there for bathing. Mishra said that 1.2 million tourists visit Devghat annually. According to him, 500,000 tourists arrive from India alone. He said that keeping them in one day would help in economic prosperity.

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