Hanta Virus : Know Everything About Hanta Virus

The shadow of terror and fear of the corona virus is all around us. Another new virus has been reported in China. The new virus is called Hanta virus. One person has died in China so far from the deadly virus. As soon as news about the virus started appearing in various media, it went viral on social media. One of the main reasons why people are scared by this news is that the virus has also appeared in China.

Hanta Virus
Hanta Virus

The Hanta virus, which has gone viral on social media since the news broke in the media, has become a topic of discussion at this time. It is said that there is no cure for this virus.

Doctors have not yet commented on the virus. The virus is spread by mice. The Corona outbreak began in China and has gradually spread to other parts of the world. Similarly, the outbreak of Hanta has also started from China. That is why the whole world is afraid of this virus. According to sources, if the virus spreads outside China, it will be even more dangerous than the corona virus.

Now everyone is talking about the same thing, China should stop eating these kinds of animals and germs. Otherwise, the whole world will end like this. Some people have even demanded to isolate China. In South Asia, the swine flu and bird flu viruses have been spreading every year. In such cases, the corona virus came a few months ago and now the Hanta virus. What is the most recently detected Hanta virus? How is it spread? Let’s talk briefly.

Viral Disease

What is Hanta virus?

Hanta virus is a member of the family of viruses spread by mice. It can give rise to many kinds of dangerous diseases. When a mouse’s urine and urine come in contact with a person, the virus spreads. That is, like the corona, it does not spread through the air.


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Symptoms of Hanta virus

Headache, abdominal pain, difficulty breathing, muscle aches, fatigue, fever, chills, vomiting, lethargy, untimely death.

Hanta Virus
Hanta Virus

How to avoid Hanta virus

The number of mice should be reduced. The movement of rats in the house should be stopped or stopped so that no one can come in contact with rat feces, urine or feces. If there is a mouse hole, it should be closed. The virus also lives longer in plastic or metal. Therefore, the use of such materials should be avoided and accumulation of garbage and water should be avoided.

Viral Disease

Wood or rags should not be stored in the house, as mice can make holes in such dirty places. If there are any dead rats in or around your home, clean the area with gloves and then throw away the gloves and wash your hands with warm water for more than 20 seconds with antiseptic soap. Drains and water sources around the house should be well covered and DDT powder should be sprinkled.


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