Dog Bite : What Should We Instantly Do When A Dog Bites

What to do if a dog bites? We can’t think of anything right now. Dog bites can cause rabies. It can even cause big problems. How many can even die. Rabies is a virus found in animals such as dogs, cats and bears. If a person with the virus bites a person, the virus enters the body through the animal. The virus attacks the central nervous system very rapidly. And, it can even cause death.


Dog Bite
Dog Bite


Therefore, the dog should consult a doctor immediately with Token and take anti-rabies injection. What to do with a dog bite?

1. Clean with water

The area where the dog has bitten should be washed with clean water. This reduces the risk of bacteria in the wound.

2. Not to suppress the wound

If blood is coming out of the wound, do not squeeze it. Bleeding should be allowed for some time.


Dog Bite
Dog Bite


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3. Applying antibiotic cream

After cleaning the bitten area with water, apply antibiotic cream. It prevents the infection from spreading throughout the body.

4. Wear bandages

Wearing bandages on the wound. It prevents bacteria from reaching the wound.


Rabies Injection
Rabies Injection

5. Apply anti rabies injection

Immediately after its primary treatment, anti-rabies injection should be given as per the advice of the doctor.

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