Pokali Jharna : Second Tallest Waterfall in Nepal

Pokali Jharna is the second tallest waterfall in Nepal, located in Pokali VDC, Okhaldhunga District, Sagarmatha Zone, Eastern Development Region of Nepal. This waterfall is about 130 meters high. Falling from the northeast of Likhu River, this waterfall is another attraction of Gauri Forest Poakli, which is covered with dense forest. The rushing water falling on the rocky part of the river is like giving pleasure. When water hits the rock and water falls from the sky, it feels like a rainbow from time to time.

Pokali Jharna

You have to walk 12 hours to reach Pokali waterfall west of Okhaldhunga district headquarters. However, to reach Pokali Jharana directly from the capital Kathmandu, one has to cover a distance of about two hundred kilometers and walk for an hour. From Kathmandu, Poklai waterfall can be reached through Kavrepalanchok, Dolakha, Sindhuli and Ramechhap districts.

“Even though it is a waterfall that attracts tourists, locals say that the number of tourists who come to see Pokali waterfall is less due to the remote hilly geography.” Locals say that the infrastructure development and adequate publicity of Pokali Jharna has not been possible due to its geographical distance from the district headquarters.

Nepali Waterfall
Pokali Jharna

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There are many legends associated with the Pokali waterfall that falls from a height of 130 meters. Handidah is located 200 meters below the waterfall. In ancient times, people used to live in the vicinity of the waterfall and after burning incense in the pot when needed in the village, they used to come out of the pot.

Pokali Jharna
Pokali Jharna


The Poklai waterfall area, which is dominated by the Sunuwar and Brahmin communities, has also been known as a region with potential for multicultural and multi-religious identity.

The Madhav Temple near the waterfall has also identified the Pokali area as a religious site. Madhav is also considered to be an old form of Lord Shiva.


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