Tetanus Vaccine : Why The Vaccination Against Tetanus is Must ?

Tetanus Vaccine

Tetanus Vaccine, Whether it is an injury, or a sharp cut, a tetanus needle is inserted. It is said that a tetanus needle must be injected if it is injured by a rusty weapon.

We think that tetanus needles prevent infection in the wound. But do you know what tetanus is? Why is it advisable to inject tetanus immediately after injury?


Tetanus Vaccine
Tetanus Vaccine

Various studies have shown that tetanus is a serious bacterial infection. This disease, also known as tetanus in Nepali, affects the nerves of the body. Tetanus causes the muscles to dry out and contract, causing severe pain in the body. It especially affects the jaw and neck muscles. Due to this, it is difficult to breathe. Due to which human beings can even die.

Of course, the tetanus vaccine has reduced this problem. However, the problem of tetanus is still more prevalent in some of the less developed countries. About one million people worldwide are infected with tetanus each year.

What is tetanus? How does it happen?

Tetanus is a serious bacterial infection. The disease is caused by a bacterial infection called Clostridium tetani. Such bacteria are found especially in dust, soil and animal manure. When this bacterium enters a wound, the body produces a toxin called tetanospasmin.

These toxins spread throughout the body, affecting the body’s nerves (motor neurons, which control muscle tone) and causing serious problems such as body stiffness, which is a major symptom of tetanus. Failure to vaccinate against tetanus in time can lead to death.Tetanus can affect not only children and adults but also newborns.


Leg Injury
Tetanus Vaccine

Cutting a newborn’s saliva with an infected device also increases their risk of developing tetanus, which is medically called neonatal tetanus. And, it’s a deadly form of Titansh. If a newborn has tetanus, they stop drinking milk. Titasone is not the same. It comes in many forms.

Local Tetanus

The most common type of tetanus is local tetanus. In local tetanus, there is pain with tightness in the wound or the muscles around the wound.

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Brain Tetanus

With a head injury or an ear infection, brain tetanus spreads rapidly. It affects many muscles at once, including the face and gums. Such tetanus spreads quickly as normal tetanus.

Tetanus Vaccine
Tetanus Vaccine

Newborn Tetanus

This type of tetanus is more common in babies who do not get immunity from the mother while in the womb or who have not been vaccinated during pregnancy. Due to which, it takes time for the wounds of newborn infants to dry out. In many cases, such wounds can be infected.

Ordinary Tetanus

Ordinary tetanus is one of the most common tetanus. Its effects start from the head and gradually spread throughout the body. Due to this, the mouth of the person is closed and the muscles of the face are tightened and the neck becomes stiff. This can lead to sweating, increased heart rate and high blood pressure.

Symptoms and Effects
Tetanus Vaccine

Symptoms of Tetanus

– Headache

– Vibration

-The neck muscles become stiff, stretched or stiff

– Difficulty swallowing and persistent saliva coming out of the mouth

– Being stuck in Giza

– Fever, irritability

-Paralysis or difficulty breathing

– Pain in the back muscles

– Lack of control in urination

-Increased blood pressure

Treatment of tetanus

The best way to prevent tetanus is to get vaccinated against DPT-diphtheria.

-Children can also be prevented from getting tetanus vaccine.

– The disease can also be prevented by using antibiotics.


Tetanus Vaccine
Tetanus Vaccine

Prevention measures

– To clean the wound

– To protect any kind of wound from dust or dung

-Tetanus needle must be inserted when cutting with rusty tool or glass

Complications caused by tetanus

Once the tetanus bacterium has spread throughout the body, it is impossible to get rid of it. Because to get rid of tetanus infection completely, new nerve growth is required, which can take months. Without it, tetanus can lead to serious problems.

Broken bones

If the main parts of the body, including the neck, neck and back, are severely tightened, the bones in that area are more likely to be broken.

Tetanus Vaccine
Tetanus Vaccine


Strict medication is given during treatment to control muscle spasms. And, the use of these drugs can lead to long-term instability or permanent disability. Prolonged transmission of tetanus to infants can cause brain damage, which can range from simple mental problems to serious problems.


If left untreated, tetanus can lead to difficulty breathing and even death.


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