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History : The subject of history in Nepal, which has been taught or emphasized for a long time, is not limited to that. There is also the question of who wrote history and why. Just as the author is most expressed in the first literary work, so in history the writer or historian tries to express himself, consciously and unconsciously.

For example, Baburam Acharya named it Everest. What was expressed in it? While its traditional name was Chomolongma. It is still in the local language.Baburam Acharya called it Everest. There Baburam Acharya expressed the civilization he grew up in. He was a Hindu. He came from a Sanskrit family and Khas was a Nepali speaker. That is why Baburam Acharya became a historian.

The British named it Everest. Everest was a journal of the measurement of Everest. There his name was expressed. In the context of history, who writes history, why it is written is of great importance.. Discussions were held with the Russians that the East-West Highway would be built in 15-16 years from the time of VP and Mahendra completed it in Gaindakot in 2019 BS.

History -Notes Nepal

What we have been taught so far is that the politicians, while talking about the East-West Highway connecting Nepal in a capitalist way, connecting the West and the East, connecting the Terai and the hills. But, why was the East-West Highway built where it is now?Where it was built, there was no traditional city.

In fact, Khasyauli was a little closer to Butwal. Krishnanagar, which used to be a big traditional city, was not touched by the East-West Highway. If the place where Gautama Buddha was born had been touched, he would not have touched it. Bhairahawa was traditionally a city. Kapilvastu refused to go to Bhairahawa. Lumbini did not go either and she came from Butwal.

She constantly came and entered Chitwan. The city of Narayanghat in Chitwan was not as it is now. There was a settlement of Tharus.He did not even touch Birgunj. Birgunj is the main port after Kathmandu and the main city invested by the state after Kathmandu. There was a city called Bayalwas in the Terai.

She falls in Sarlahi. Didn’t go there either. The red band was going on. Now Sita and Janak are talked about a lot, but that highway did not go to Janakpur. He felt straight from the slope. Even so, it did not touch Biratnagar. Going upstairs, I reached Kakadvitta.If we only study the history of this road, this is one of the main reasons for the destruction of Madhesi life today.

No matter how many major cities were built by the Madhesi people, they were not touched by the main road. The people of the hills fell and the road was built by bringing them where it was possible to settle. Where there is a big highway, there will be people centered. So the old city began to dry up.

History -Notes Nepal
History –

Bayalbas, Krishnanagar, Lumbini and Bhairahawa were also overshadowed. But, Butwal came forward. Then Narayangarh, Bardibas came forward.Then Narayangarh, Bardibas came forward. If we look critically at the history of road construction on the East-West Highway, how is it structured? What was done for selfish reasons? That can be understood.

Looking at the road, but it turned Nepali society upside down. The construction of East-West Highway is the cause of clashes, processions, etc. in Madhes.History is the pride of the present. From where the present is born. The present becomes history again for the future. In this way, our history is limited to teaching the genealogies of kings and emperors, rather than teaching the battles they won or the fights between their wives.

There is a tradition of saying things that do not exist. Like Bise Nagarchi are famous. If you go to the National Museum in Swayambhu, you can see a photo of Bise Nagarchi. Not made by hand, captured by the camera. While Prithvinarayan Shah also has no photo. The first photo in my study is of Chandrashamsher. In 1883, it was published in Gorkhapatra wishing him a happy birthday.

The camera had not come in the time of Prithvinarayan Shah. There was no such camera developed in the world. A photo of Bise Nagarchi has been posted in the museum using such a camera.That is not true. Bise Nagarchi’s photo is pasted using other people’s photos. If you look at it from a historical point of view, the state has created a false image.

If this example is given, how is history distorted? Being a man who helped in the expansion of Bise Nagarchi Prithvinarayan Shah’s kingdom is an attempt to glorify his history. For that, the state itself stood up for lies. So I think the study of history needs to be critical.There are rumors that you will prosper. But the people of the state do not say what is the history of Nepal being poor?

It must be a historical series. Our country is not born poor. We have no history of poverty. By answering why this country is poor, it will become rich after removing that weakness. For example, if I say I don’t have money, why not? No one is saying why the country is poor.Everyone says they will prosper, why no one says they are poor.

In the world, Patna of India was called the capital of the East. The Bagmati Valley of Nepal was considered a prosperous city. China and India were very greedy for everything from fine arts. It was such a wonderful place. In terms of crops and in all respects. Where did poverty start? What is its history?

In fact, the simplest thing is that when Jung Bahadur went to Britain, he sought the help of the British to maintain his power.The British agreed to accept every condition. In the same series, when Chandrashamsher went to Britain in 1882/83, he came to Britain on four or five conditions.

First, iron ore and copper mines had to be shut down in Nepal. After the iron and copper mines were closed, the main necessities at that time were jewelery and utensils. He had to buy it from British India. Iron is important for the agricultural age. Without it, our lives cannot function. We also had to buy a piece of iron from the British after the time of Chandra Shamsher. We now have to return the property we earned.

Second decision:

To stop cotton cultivation. Cotton was cultivated from present day Parsa to Sunsari. The crocodile settlement was shifted from the west as the crocodiles were very good at growing cotton. Cotton cultivation ceased. Now came the plastic clothes. At that time, cotton cloth was basically made of cotton in Nepal. Apart from cotton, it was made of sisnu, banana and wool.

Each caste made it from its place. Our money stayed with us.When we had to buy cotton after the cotton cultivation stopped, we had to give the money we earned back to British India.

Third decision:

He stopped cultivating marijuana. Marijuana is now considered a very bad thing. At that time, marijuana and lemon were the special medicine of Nepali society. Lemon plants in every house and marijuana in every house. Cannabis pickles could be eaten, or used as medicine in the gastric. Even if you feel like drinking, it is something to drink peacefully. No one fights with marijuana.

That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.That doesn’t make you excited. It was related to our traditional medicine. However, he stopped using marijuana. Because the British wanted to sell us cigarettes. One month after the ban on cannabis, free cigarettes were distributed in Nepal.

After getting addicted to cigarettes, the amount of money was increased. From there our money went out. Thus begins the history of our poverty.The house becomes poor, the money earned in the house does not stop. Is it because Nepalis are not rich now? Five million Nepalis are abroad. Is the money all there? Are sending They are earning 4/5 million in India alone.

They are bringing some money. Teachers, staff and soldiers are all making money in Nepal. However, after living in Korea for 4 years and bringing 10 million rupees, he had to start teaching that money in Korea after landing at the airport. While you put water in the jar and made a hole in the bottom.

How long does it last You have no iron, no copper, no cotton. We don’t produce anything.Who has no hope of prosperity? That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. If you listen to the budget speech this time, there is no title in the budget to bring the sick industry forward again. When some things are not produced here, where does the money come from?

How did prosperity come about? Scholars say that tourism is the key to prosperity for us. Tourism is a service sector. Tourism increases employment, but the country does not prosper.Why is there no industry in Nepal? Russia built Janakpur Cigarette Factory. China built the Hetauda textile industry and the bamboo leather shoe factory.

The Bansbari Leather Factory produces and sells leather shoes all year round. Will it go to a loss now? No matter how big the industries were in Nepal, they were all industries brought by demand. It was not an industry built by his deeds. It is brought by begging. Nepal’s government did nothing but bribe and salary in building Nepal’s economy

Who has no hope of prosperity? That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. If you listen to the budget speech this time, there is no title in the budget to bring the sick industry forward again. When some things are not produced here, where does the money come from? How did prosperity come about? Scholars say that tourism is the key to prosperity for us.

Tourism is a service sector. Tourism increases employment, but the country does not prosper. The country becomes like Maldives. There are three million people in the Maldives. Twelve million tourists come.Four tourists pay for each one. Tourists come, they pay, but all the money goes back. Expansion of the service sector does not lead to prosperity. Prosperity requires production. According to the history of Nepal, it has become a custom to take grants. The leader who received the most grants became the champion.

Whoever was able to beg, it was very good. Such an example happened. It has come to our minds that we become rich only by giving us money by foreigners.It’s not like that, you’ve worked hard. From that comes capital. The question was how to save that capital in one’s own country. Others give and go there. In an earthquake, India says it will give so much and so much.

What happened no matter how much you gave? After all, I have to go there to buy Tripal. Rice is also to be bought from there. It was as if water had been poured from a plane. After all, you have to go there without it. What every foreigner knows is that even if we pay, they will return. That has historically distorted our concept.

History -Notes Nepal

Nepal also has a history of receiving grants. The rulers will get a large commission. At present, there are about 11,000 small hydropower projects in Nepal. If we want to generate electricity from that, it is not difficult to generate ten thousand megawatts of electricity in ten years. It can be extracted with our own capital.

How much electricity does this country need? At present, 700 MW has been generated but Nepal needs 1300 MW. If you plan to run a house, do you plan now or how much do you think I will earn in 50 years?

What is becoming history in our country falls within the design of the great benefit of certain classes and certain classes. Nothing more than that. Therefore, whatever is read as history is not only history. It is also called ‘kapparchan’ in the old language. The one who roasts herbs and sifts them on a cloth is called kapparchan. On all those facts, we have to adopt the method of capturing. Then we can accelerate the present. We can take the present forward.


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