Yoga for Immunity Power Increment : The List of Five Yoga

Yoga for Immunity Power, Immunity is the ability to protect our body from diseases. In other words, the stronger the immune system, the greater the body’s ability to fight disease. In this case, the following yoga postures increase the body’s resistance to disease.


– Standing straight with both hands clasped together or leaving a space of 10 cm between them.

– Raise your hand above your head. Tie your fingers together and point both hands upwards towards the sky.

– Look at a point on the wall just above the head.

– Keep the whole body straight from top to bottom. Keep breathing and stay in this posture for a while.

-It may be difficult to keep it in balance at first. But with practice, it becomes easier. This asan can be done with your eyes closed if you want alpen gleaux.

– Do this asan 5 to 10 times daily.

Yoga for Immunity Power
Yoga for Immunity Power






-Sleep with the help of your stomach for Bhujangasana.

– Bring the palm close to the chest. You should not straighten your arms in this posture.

– Pay attention, in this posture, lift the lower part of the abdomen from the head to the air. So that the part below the waist should be lying on the ground.

– Let’s bend the body as much as possible by placing the toe on the ground.

– Let’s inhale and exhale five times in total. Gradually it makes our body more flexible.

– Let’s inhale and exhale five times in total. Gradually it makes our body more flexible.

The Pose
Yoga for Immunity Power



– Stand up straight. Inhale and stretch your legs up to 3.5 cm 4 feet.

– First of all, bring both your hands at shoulder level.

– Bend your left leg to the right. So that the left foot is slightly forward.

– Now slowly lower the left hand. So that the right hand can touch the toe of the left foot. In this process, the other hand should be taken straight to the sky.

– Try the same process a few times from both sides.

– Take five deep breaths and throw.

Yoga for Immunity Power
Yoga for Immunity Power



-Sleep on the ground with your back for fishing. In this process, touch the ground with your hands.

– Breathe in and slowly lift the chest off the ground. Move your head back. In this process, the head needs to touch the ground.

-Try to stay in this posture for 30 to 40 seconds and breathe normally.

– To get out of this position, straighten the neck and slowly return to the previous position.

Yoga for Immunity Power
Yoga for Immunity Power


Pada Anshusthasana

– Stand up straight for this posture. Make a gap of two or three inches between the legs.

– Exhale and bend forward. Do not bend the legs at this time.

– Let’s try to hold both the toes of the foot.

– Hold the toes with the fingers of your hand.

– Exhale and lift your chest.

– It is better to do this posture for 30 to 40 seconds.

the pose
Yoga for Immunity Power


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