Baje Ko Sekuwa : The Popular Food Destination In Nepal

Baje Ko Sekuwa : Overview

Baje Ko Sekuwa, The first choice of the connoisseur who likes to eat the meat of Khasi is ‘Baje Ko Sekuwa Ghar’. The successful Sekuwa house has opened in New York to win the hearts of the customers of the capital. Operator manager Sanjiv Timilsina says it plans to open branches abroad. According to him, Sekuwa houses have been operated in 11 places in Nepal. “We are also planning to have Bajeko Sekuwa in other places in Nepal,” he said.


Baje Ko Sekuwa

He said that his grandfather Sekuwa would not compromise on the quality of food items. That is why he says that he is interested not only in cleanliness but also in taste. He says that special attention will be paid to the weight of the khasi brought to Baje Ko Sekuwa, the method of preparing the khasi, the cooking time, the spices used and the temperature of the fire.

“We have a special technique for making every dish, which is why the taste of Baje Ko Sekuwa is the same everywhere,” he says. He says the coal used to burn Sekuwa will be imported from government-sanctioned community forests.  He said that he is serving the customers by making food items for every part of the body after bringing the goat.

Baje Ko Sekuwa : Special Dishes 

Jhanneko Sekuwa:

Jhaneko Sekuwa lunch set is one of the most popular dishes here. Chef Mohan Prasad Rijal says that it is prepared by frying sekuwa and seasonal vegetables in butter. The well-known Sekuwa set includes mashed soybeans, mashed potatoes, tomato pickles, khasi soup, chiura or food with salad. It can be eaten as lunch. According to Seif Rijal, Sekuwa tastes different from other Sekuwa because it is prepared knowingly.

Jhaneko Sekuwa


Similarly, rice, vegetable dishes and gravy meat dishes will be served as dinner, he said. Sekuwa can be eaten according to the taste and choice of the customer.


Matka Biryani:

Matka Biryani is cooked in earthenware. Chef Mohan Prasad Rijal says that the taste of biryani cooked in a small pot is different from others. He says that the rice used to make biryani is made by frying and using various spices. Biryani is prepared by folding the matka biryani. He says that the taste of Matka Biryani is very different as it is cooked on clay.

Matka Biryani : Baje Ko Sekuwa


Eyes, Tongue, Ear Dishes:

Various dishes of the eyes, tongue and ears can be eaten at Baje Ko Sekuwa. Khasi can be eaten with eyes, tongue, ear fried, boiled, burnt taste. Baked, fried or boiled khasi eyes, tongue, ears can be eaten according to the taste and choice of the customer. He said that it can be eaten with Sekuwa special cover with eye, tongue and ear dishes.


Baje Ko Sekuwa

Head Dish:

This is a very popular dish. Giddy fry with head fry, head fry, ear fry can be eaten. Headaches are also a favorite of many, says Safe. He says that the head dish is in great demand among the favorite dishes of Baje Ko Sekuwa. “People who want to change the taste, especially the head dish, come with a plan,” said Sanjiv Timilsina, operations manager.

Baje Ko Sekuwa

Khasi Bhutan:

Khasi Bhutan is the choice of most of the customers who come to Bajeko Sekuwa. According to Sanjiv, the number of visitors to Bhutan is also high. He said that bhutan and chiura of khasi and bhuja will be eaten as lunch. He says that Bhutanese connoisseurs are not only locals but also foreigners.


Fila Dishes:

These include fila boiled, fila sandheko , and fila fried dishes. He said that there are foreigners in tasting the fila of Khasi. The filament of khasi is prepared by separating the meat and boiling it in a fun way. Phila boil can be eaten with a special cover. Rijal said that it is a good option to change the taste for those who do not like smooth food. You can enjoy the taste of Baja’s spice along with the green salad and the taste of Phila Boil.


Baje Ko Sekuwa

Hyacinth Dishes:

Hyacinths are a special choice of customers, says Sanjiv. Hyacula meat is preferred by Nepalis. He says that hyacinth is everyone’s choice in the meat of Khasi. A special dish of hyacinth is found in Baje Ko  Sekuwa. Hyacinths are found in three types: dameko, tareko and boiled. He says that there are many people who eat bhuja and chiura as special dishes of Hyacinth. Hyacinth fry can also be eaten with cumin seeds.


Ribs Kawab:

Kawab of Khasi ribs is also a favorite dish of Baje Ko Sekuwa customers. According to Chef, this special fare for Nepalis will be prepared in Kasaudi. The ribs will be served with kebabs, fried soybeans, radish pickles and salads, he said. He said that it would be very tasty as ribs kavab is cooked with cassava spice in cassava. He said that Ribs Kawab is the choice of many as a snack.

Chicken Chily

In summer, you can taste watermelon juice, virgin mojito, mint mango, mango mojito mocktail, he says. Baje Ko Sekuwa is especially famous for Khasi Sekuwa. Khasi Sekuwa Set, Chicken Sekuwa, Jhaneko Sekuwa, Plain Sekuwa, Bhej Sekuwa can also be eaten. Sanjiv says that the culture of eating out in Nepal has gradually increased. “Customers order only after looking at Baje’s Sekuwa’s signature food menu, and many try new flavors,” he says.

Sanjeev says that the dishes of lungi fry, mutton choila, mutton sukuti fry and sukuti sandheko are in the choice of the customers.
According to him, the meat of Khasi is smooth in Baje Ko Sekuwa. So to balance it, says Sanjiv, who has a radish pickle and beetroot salad. He says, “We grill the dishes we have, it melts the fat and doesn’t have much effect.”


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