Best 5 Must Visit Places in Nepal : The Hidden Places

Must Visit Places in Nepal : Overview

Must Visit Places in Nepal , There are many destinations to visit. Although the places of attraction for foreign tourists are popular, the habits of tourists and the interest of Nepalis and foreigners are somewhat different. On top of that, the culture of traveling among Nepalis has also flourished in recent times.

Must Visit Places in Nepal
Must Visit Places in Nepal


Experience everywhere says that if the tourism industry is to rise, so must domestic tourism. Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation. If you are in the mood for wandering in the decade, this is also a suitable season. Here we are giving you information about 5 different destinations that are very popular. is of the view that domestic tourism should be strengthened to attract foreign tourists.  Which are as :


Shuklaphanta National Park

The main attraction of Shuklaphanta National Park is the vast meadow field and the herd of more than two thousand reindeer seen together. Spread over an area of ​​305 square kilometers, Shuklaphanta has about 17 percent grassland.

In Shuklaphanta, along with rhinos, wild animals including Patebagh, unicorn rhinoceros and black rhinoceros are found. It is very exciting to see tigers from Babatal, Ranital and Lalpani areas inside the park. The park entrance is five kilometers   of Kanchanpur district headquarters Mahendranagar.

There is an inscription in Shuklaphanta National Park which mentions the palace of Tharu King Simpal in ancient times. There is also a 1,500 meter long suspension bridge connecting Dodhara and Chandani VDCs.


Shuklaphanta NP Must Visit Places in Nepal
  • Hotel Expenses:

Although Mahendranagar has a three star hotel facility, there is only one resort near the park. You can spend Rs. 1200 to Rs. 2500 per night depending on the facility at the resort. Rana Tharu Community Homestay is in operation in the area adjacent to the park. Homestay costs only Rs. 500 per night.

  • How to get there:

Kathmandu can be reached in about 18 hours by bus from Mahendranagar, which is 704 kilometers away from the new bus park. Shuklaphanta is five kilometers west of Mahendranagar. If you go by plane, you can reach Shuklaphanta in 50 minutes from Kathmandu to Dhangadhi and in about an hour and a half by car from Dhangadhi. The fare from Kathmandu to Mahendranagar is Rs 2,000 for AC bus, Rs 1,600 for deluxe and Rs 1,350 for ordinary bus.

  • Major Attractions:

Grass Plain, Bahrasinga, Suspension Bridge at Dodhara Chandni.


Bardiya National Park

Spread over an area of ​​968 sq km, Bardiya National Park is home to 56 species of animals including Patebagh, one-horned rhinoceros, leopard, rhinoceros, chital, rhinoceros and wild elephant. The park is home to more than 450 species of reptiles, including crocodiles, crocodiles, and crows. You can enjoy wildlife with panoramic views by elephant or jeep  safari or hiking in the forest as per your desire.

Mohan Chaudhary, who runs the Tharu Home Resort near Thakur by the park office, says that it will be easy to get acquainted with nature and see wild animals easily as there will be no crowd of tourists in Bardiya. Along with the joy of the forest, the opportunity to understand the Tharu culture is also an important attraction of Bardiya. You can also enjoy rafting and fishing on the Karnali and Babai rivers.

Herds of Krishnasara can be seen in the endangered Krishnasara Protected Area in Khairapur, about 25 km east of the park. The protected area is at a distance of 5 kilometers from Bardiya district headquarters Gulariya.

After reaching Bardiya, one can reach the bridge over the Karnali River at Chisapani, which separates the borders of Province-5 and Far-Western Province. The cool breeze that lasts for 12 months and the taste of fish make it even more thrilling.


Bardiya NP Must Visit Places in Nepal
  • Hotel Expenses:

In Bardiya National Park, Nepalis can get a room with attached bathroom for Rs. 800 and an air-conditioned room for Rs. 1600. Homestay costs Rs. 800 for a meal and accommodation.

  • How to get there:

Nepalgunj can be reached in 50 minutes by boat from Kathmandu and Bardia National Park in one and a half hours by bus from there. A deluxe bus is also available from the new bus park in Kathmandu to Gulariya, the district headquarters of Bardiya, for Rs 1,100. These buses leave Kathmandu in the morning and evening and reach Bardiya in about 15 hours.

Bardiya National Park can be reached by looking at the Krishnasara Conservation Area, which is five kilometers away from Gulariya. There are also buses to Bhurigaun in Bardiya to reach the park directly without going to the district headquarters. From Bhurigaon, it takes 30 minutes by local bus to reach Thakur.

  • Major Attractions:

Elephant and Crocodile Breeding Center, Tharu Cultural Museum, one hour elephant safari for Rs.500.

Langtang and Gosaikunda Treks

Langtang is the first national park in the Himalayan region to spread to an altitude of 6,440 meters in Sindhupalchok, Nuwakot and Rasuwa districts. Covering an area of ​​660 square kilometers, Langtang National Park has the famous snow valley of Langtang, Kenjin Valley as well as the religious site Gosainkund. Langtang is one of the most popular trekking destinations in the world.

There are separate trekking trails to Gosaikunda and Langtang Valley within the Langtang National Park.

It takes five days to return to Kathmandu after completing the trek through Langtang and Kenjin Valley. The trek to Gosainkunda can be completed in four days. October-November is a good time to go on the Langtang trek.Red pandas, snow leopards, wild dogs and other animals can be seen during the trek here.


Gosaikunda Must Visit Places in Nepal


  • Hotel Expenses:

Hotels with one-night stays in Syafrubesi and Dhunche with hot and cold water are available from Rs. 1,200. There are also convenient hotels on the Gosainkund and Langtang trekking routes. General expenses are up to Rs. 1500 per day.

  • How to get there:

Gosainkund can be reached in five hours by public transport from Machhapokhari in Kathmandu to Rasuwa headquarters Dhunche. Gosainkunda can be reached in two days even if you walk slowly for one night. On the way back, you can easily reach Dhunche in one day.

  • Langtang Valley:

From Dhunche, you can reach Syafrubesi in one hour by car. After spending the night in Syafrubesi and trekking the next morning, it takes three days to reach the Langtang Valley and one day to return.

  • Major attractions:

Snow valley, beautiful scenery.


Parsa, Gadhimai and Simraungadh

As soon as the jungle safari is called, many people’s attention is drawn to Chitwan. However, Parsa National Park is a good option for those who want to go to a different place than Chitwan.

Hattisar, the entrance to Parsa National Park, is 150 kilometers from Kathmandu. There are 919 species of plants and more than 100 species of wild animals. Gauri Gai is the main attraction of Parsa. As Parsa National Park is connected to Chitwan National Park in the west and Valmiki National Park in India in the south, all kinds of animals found in Chitwan can be seen in Parsa.

Parsa NP Must Visit Places in Nepal


Herds of tigers, elephants, unicorns, deer and rhinoceroses are easily seen in Parsa. After visiting Parsa National Park, you can reach the fort of Bara, which is about 40 kilometers away. Gadhimai is a famous Shakti Peeth where a special fair is held every five years. If you have one more day, you can also reach Simraungadh, the capital of the ancient Mithila state of Tirhut.

Simraungadh, which was the capital of Mithila state from 1097-1326 BS, now belongs to Simraungadh municipality of Bara district. Some remnants of Tirhut civilization and culture can still be seen there. Another attraction of Simraungadh is the pond spread over an area of ​​52 bighas.

  • Hotel Expenses:

Hotels in Amalekhgunj near Simara and the park cost Rs. There are ordinary rooms for Rs 1,000 and rooms with AC for Rs 1,500.

  • How to get there:

If you have your own vehicle, you can travel from Hetauda to Parsa National Park, Gadhimai, Simraungadh and Janakpur, return to Kathmandu in 6 days via BP Highway and Sindhuli Gadhi. If you want to go by public transport, you can reach Hetauda in three hours by jeep from Balkhu. From Hetauda, ​​the entrance to Parsa National Park can be reached in 20 minutes by car. The ship can reach Simara in 15 minutes from Kathmandu. There is Hattisar at a distance of 10 kilometers from there.

  • Major Attractions:

Gauri Gai, Nepal’s oldest railway station Amalekhgunj, one hour elephant safari for Rs.700, jungle safari package for Rs.1500.


Historic Glory Sindhuli Gadhi

Sindhuli Gadhi is the place where the Gorkhali army fought valiantly against the British army in 1824 BS. The British army led by Captain Kinlock, who was called for help by the last king of Kathmandu, Jayaprakash Malla, was defeated by the Gorkhali army at this place.

Trenches, barricades and forts built at that time can still be seen in the fortified area where Gorkhali defeated the British. The food here is different from the food of the lake, the lush junar and the view of the Tarai from the hills.

The BP Highway has made it easy to reach Sindhuli Gadhi, about 16 km north of the district headquarters Sindhulimadi and 140 km east of Kathmandu. Most of the people traveling on the Nagbeli BP Highway have taken photos on ‘Selfie Danda’. If you have one more day, you can reach the religious and mythological city of Janakpurdham in two hours.

Simdhuligadi Must Visit Places in Nepal
  • Hotel Expenses:

A minimum stay of Rs. 1,500 per night in a hotel in Sindhuli. In general, the cost of returning from Kathmandu to Sindhuli Gadhi is Rs. 6,000.

  • How to get there:

A 15-15 minute micro bus from Koteshwor in Kathmandu can reach Sindhulimadi in three hours.

  • Major attractions:

Sindhuli Gadhi, Junar farming.



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