Narayan Gopal : Some Interesting Facts About Narayan Gopal’s Life

Narayan Gopal : Overview

Narayan Gopal, Whenever Nepali songs, music is thought of or discussed, his  name comes together. It has been 23 years since Swar samrat Narayan Gopal passed away on December 19, but his songs are still one of the most listened to and loved songs. Narayan Gopal, who was born in Kilgal Tol of Kathmandu on September 3, 1996, is not in this world today but his creations are alive, his voice is alive.

The voice which had wonderful sweetness and seriousness, the touching feelings of love, affection and devotion of the people were evident in his voice and it was he who left this world and brought tears to the eyes of millions of Nepalis.

Narayan Gopal

Narayan Gopal, who was inspired by his father Ashagopal Guruvacharya, had to face criticism after he took up modern music. There are many secret files in the 51-year life journey of Swarsamrat Narayangopal, who has composed more than 500 songs and 300 songs in Nepali music, some of which are discussed here.


Some Interesting Facts About Narayan Gopal

1. Although Narayan Gopal was distinguished as a vocal emperor, the first prize of his life was for music. The Best Musician Award given by Radio Nepal in 2023 BS is the first award of his life. Only a year later, he received an award for singing.

2. Narayan Gopal, who is very good at wrestling, was physically called Pahlaman. According to his close friend Nagendra Thapa, He had also learned wrestling. If he had not been involved in music, he would have become a historian. Because he was also very good at history.

Swor Samrat

3. In Nepali history till now, the adjective given by the people is only “Swar Samrat”. Poet Bhupi Sherchan is the first person to call Narayan Gopal “Swar samrat”. In a program in Pokhara in 2028 BS, Bhupi had addressed Narayan Gopal as Swar Samrat. Later, when the Gorkha gave the right arm, the king also addressed him as Swar Samrat. Thus Narayan Gopal became the undisputed voice emperor.

4. Narayan Gopal is a failed journalist. Narayan Gopal, who was also the manager and editor of “Bagina”, a short form of instrument, song and dance started around 2028 BS, could not continue it for more than three points.

5. Probably because he was born in a Newar clan, Narayan Gopal was very fond of food. Most of the time, Narayan Gopal, who likes to make his own side dish, liked Bundel’s meat very much. Similarly, he liked sour, sour, milk and ghee very much. So never let it get in the way. According to music researcher Prakash Sayamika, Narayan Gopal used to sit at Tundikhel and eat with Gundapak and Pustakari.

Narayan Gopal


6. Narayan Gopal has also worked in Hetauda when the East-West Highway was being built. The lyricist Bhim Birag used to say, “I used to play the tabla, I used to sing there with a peg, I don’t know why you worked.” But, you didn’t do it for a long time. ”

7. In a meeting in Kathmandu, singer Premadhwaj Pradhan recalls about 13 years ago: “At that time, we were a group of 12-13 people. He was also in our team. We took turns singing and playing. When it was his  turn, he was ashamed to sing and only played. One day he sang after paying a lot of taxes. And I said that even a person with such a good voice should be ashamed? I arranged the day on the radio that I should take the voice test now, but I refused to go on the day of singing.

Me  and Yogesh Baidya from behind and took them to the recording room. He passed the vocal test by singing the song ‘I remember the earth in the wings of a bird’. He  was also ashamed to sing duets. In the words of Ratna Shamsher Thapa, the song of ‘A Kancha Thattaima Yo Bains Jaan Lagayo’ sung with Tara Debi in his own music is a song sung without looking at each other Not even recorded together but later this song became the most popular duet song.


Narayan Gopal

8. He reached Radio Nepal one day, not by playing the song but by playing it more. When his song ‘Yo Samjhine Man Cha’ started playing on the radio, he went on the radio and said, ‘Please don’t play my same song too many times, it will reduce the popularity of the song.’

9. This is how I remember my first meeting with Narayan Gopal’s wife Pemla Lama Narayan Gopal, ‘I was studying at Sukiya Pokhari High School, our photos had not been exchanged. Based on what I heard from him, I thought that the poet-artist must have long hair, beard, tall, and thin body. One day, Gopal Yonjan’s brother told him to go and see if Narayan Gopal had come. And he identified it. I greeted his friend Nagendra Thapa, but I found the opposite. ”

Swor Samrat
Swor Samrat


10. The first dating of Narayan Gopal and Pemla took place at Sukiya Pokhari in Darjeeling. At the first meeting, Pemla asked Narayan Gopal, “Can you sing our first meeting today?” Narayan Gopal has also accepted. Later, he requested his friend Nagendra Thapa to write a suitable song. Nagendra Thapa says, “If he doesn’t write a good song, I will never sing your song.” Then I also wrote, “This season, this greenery.”  But the song sung by him for Pemla Kai is a very old song of our identity. He had sent this song along with the letter to Pemla as a token.

11. This is the telegram I sent “Program Fixed Less Gold”. In a meeting in Kathmandu, musician Karma Yonjan recalls, “I didn’t know anything. My brother told me to do this, but later he showed me the same telegram and said that my program was going on in Darjeeling. I came home from home and married Pemla. I found out later.” Later, he scolded his parents for not telling him. ”


Swor Samrat
Swor Samrat

12. Due to inter-caste marriage, Narayan Gopal’s relationship with his house deteriorated for some time. Later, he taught at Pokhara Kai Mainadevi Secondary School, so he raised money for his house.



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