Bardiya National Park : Wilderness of Bardiya

Bardiya National Park: Overview

Bardiya National park is the biggest public park in the swamp Terai covering a region of 968 The recreation center arranged in Nepal’s Western Terai was built up for ensuring the agent biological systems and moderating the environment of tiger and its prey species. At first, a little zone was gazetted as the Karnali Wildlife Reserve in 1976. Around then, 1500 family units of the Babai valley were migrated outside the recreation center permitting the vegetation and untamed life to prosper.


Bardiya National Park
Bardiya National Park

In 1982, it was renamed as Bardiya Wildlife Reserve, and in 1984 it was reached out to its present size. The hold was given the status of a National Park in 1988. One-horned Rhinoceros were moved from Chitwan National Park to Bardia National Park in year 1990 to 2002 . In 1997, a zone of 327 km2 encompassing the recreation center was announced as a cushion zone, which comprises of timberlands and private grounds. The recreation center and nearby networks together deal with the support zone. Together they start network advancement exercises and oversee normal assets in the cradle zones.

An elephant ride gives an alternate perspective on the recreation center as one can go off the principle trail, Morning and late evening is the ideal opportunity to go on a ride. Karnali stream is the appropriate home for Gangetic dolphin. Babai valley is a glorious spot to visit where lead Rhino, tiger, and elephant can be refered to in the wild site.


The one Horned Rhino
Bardiya National Park

 Highlights Of Bardiya National Park

Babai valley:

The Babai valley reaching out from Parewa Odar to Chepang Bridge was remembered For the recreation center in 1984. The immaculate valley is portrayed by rich biodiversity. The significant vegetation and backwoods types are lush prairie and the riverine timberland. The moved rhinoceros from Chitwan were once again introduced in this valley. The rich backwoods in the east of the recreation center additionally give a decent living space and passageway for a few untamed life animal categories.


Bardiya National Park
Bardiya National Park

The Karnali stream is home to the imperiled gharial crocodile and swamp mugger. The blue waters additionally give living space to the jeopardized gangetic dolphin. Enormous mahasher, a game fish, is viewed as an amazing catch. The quick streaming water additionally give great boating undertakings. Riverine backwoods alongside the shores of the stream make the prime natural surroundings for winged animals, for example, herons, egrets, dark necked stork, and little pratincole.

The tharu ethnic network is local to this region. Customarily they are means ranchers and practice their own ancestral strict. Handiworks made by the network individuals could be purchased as trinkets.


The recreation center has three particular seasons, winter, summer, and rainstorm. Structure October through early April, the climate is dry. The days are warm and the evenings are cool and charming. From April to June the temperatures continuously rises upwith a pinnacle temperature up to 45 0c in May. The hot clingy days offer route to the rainstorm downpours in July that goes on until September.

The Elephant Ride
Bardiya National Park


The recreation center offers an assortment of encounters in its huge undisturbed wild. About 70% of the woods comprises of sal tree with a blend of field and riverine woodlands. Sal leaves are utilized as customary plates in celebration and strict contribution. The recreation center is home to imperiled creatures, for example, the Royal Bengal tiger, wild elephant, more prominent one-horned rhinoceros, swamp deer, and dark buck, The other jeopardized species incorporate gharialand bog mugger crocodiles and gangetic dolphin.

Jeopardized fowls found in the recreation center are Bengal florican, lesser florican and sarus crane. More that 30 distinct well evolved creatures, more than 230 types of winged animals and a few types of snakes, reptile and fishes have been recorded In the recreation center territory. Notwithstanding the inhabitant species, a few transient feathered creatures visit the recreation center.

Bardiya National Park
Bardiya National Park

Facalities in Bardiya National Park

Museum and Tharu culture are accessible for guests at HQ. Phone and cell phones can be utilized in a few regions of the recreation center. On the off chance that you are going by private vehicle ensure that you have sufficient measure of fuel. Be encouraged to convey a far reaching emergency treatment pack including meds. There is a network wellbeing post at Thakurdwara close to the recreation center settle. You can go through your evenings at the cabins in the encompassing regions of the recreation center. These cabins offer support to vacationers.

The Map
Bardiya National Park

How to arrive:

You can take a transport or take the departure from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj.From Nepalgunj transport administrations are accessible to the recreation center HQ at Thakurdwara during the dry season.


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