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Bhedetar has also become a place to evade the scorching heat of the valley . Kanchenjunga and Makalu Himal with white snow on their heads are sleeping on their laps, Dhankuta is a model city of the East. Yes, the East is known as a beautiful tourist destination, Bhedetar. It is crowded with internal and external tourists all the year round. Bhedetar, which is half owned by Dharan and half by Dhankuta, is famous for its geography, weather and other tourist attractions in the vicinity.

The number of hunters is increasing to see the Makalu, Lhotse and Kumbhakarna mountains at the top, but the Dhankuta market, which is covered with bushes at the bottom. Forget the hustle and bustle of work, most people go hunting on Saturdays and have fun.

Bhedetar has also become a place to evade the scorching heat of the valley. In the evening, looking from there  towards Besi, the beauty of the east-west spread field is equally captivating. Those who reach Jhapa, Morang and Sunsari from different parts of the country do not miss the hunter’s journey as much as possible.Located at an altitude of 1,430 meters above sea level, Bhedetar is 16 km north of Dharan and 32 km south of Dhankuta headquarters. At the same time, the sun shines brightly and at the same time it is covered with fog. sporadic climate change is another factor that attracts tourists.

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Bhedetar -Notes Nepal

In 040, British Prince Charles Bhedetar came to visit. There was talk at the time that Charles was as happy as climbing Mt. Everest when he climbed to the top of Bhedetar. That is why Bhedetar’s highest point has been named ‘Charles Point’. It is located west of Bhedetar Bazaar. A 30-foot-tall tower now stands on the summit of Charles. This tower has now become a center of tourist attraction.When you climb the tower, you can see Dharan, Dhankuta, Saptakoshi’s field, Charkose bush and the beautiful fields of Tarai till you die. The view from the view tower in the morning is more captivating.

It costs Rs 5 per person to climb the tower and Rs 10 to go with a camera. The fee has been fixed at Rs 20 for Indian tourists and Rs 50 for tourists from other countries. More than seven thousand rupees is collected daily from that fee.Crowds go for picnics in Bhedetar from October to May. Visitors come from East Kakadbhitta to Janakpur. The same is true of young couples in hunting. Locals say that Bhedetar has even been named ‘Real Lover Station’. Married couples even come from Kathmandu to celebrate their honeymoon. Locals say that 50 percent of the tourists who come here are Indians.

Bhedetar -Notes Nepal

Tourists do not just come to hunt for fun and enjoyment. The number of those who reach the nearby Pathibhara Devi temple and meditate spiritually is the same. Sagurigadhi, west of Bhedetar, Namaste Jharna, Rajarani, Namje Bazaar, 2 km north of Bhedetar, Asia’s largest bir tree is also located near it .These places of historical and religious significance have also attracted tourists.Tourists flock here to enjoy the coolness of the special summer season and to see the Gurans bloom in April-May. The government has also declared Bhedetar and surrounding areas as ‘National Tourism Areas’.

As some may not know, in a 2011 CNN survey, Namje village in Dhankuta was ranked as the eighth best destination in the world. This village is now being visited every day. As the popularity of Namje village has increased, tourists have started coming here from far and wide. Namje, which is in the former Bhedetar VDC-7, is at a distance of 7 kilometers from Bhedetar. At present, small hotels and homestays are in operation in this place.Tourists visiting Namje can also enjoy a night of Magar hooray dance. Large buses, jeeps and motorcycles are the main means of transportation from Bhedetar to Namje. From Namje, Kanchenjunga, Kumbhakarna, Makalu Himal can also be seen.

Bhedetar -Notes Nepal
Vi ew Tower

Namaste Jharna is also one of the popular tourist destinations in the East. It is known as a different destination. Many reach this waterfall to play with the cold water in order to escape the scorching heat of the lowlands. It is crowded on public holidays and Saturdays. Namaste  the waterfall is a hillock. This waterfall has fallen from a height of 80 meters. Nowadays, more than 300 tourists visit the waterfall daily, said the waterfall management committee. Students from Bihar, India and western Nepal also come to Namaste Jharna for educational tours and observations.

As the number of tourists has increased, the road to Namaste Jharna has been arranged. Similarly, other necessary infrastructures are also being constructed. Namaste Jharna was listed as a tourist destination by the District Development Committee about two decades ago. After landing at Biratnagar from Kathmandu by plane, Bhedetar can be reached after traveling a distance of about 55 km by taxi. Bhedetar can also be reached by day or night service from Kadamadu to Dharan by taking a reserve taxi from Bhanuchok. From the eastern side of Bhanuchok in Dharan, there are many buses leaving for Rajarani, Terhathum, Bhojpur, Khandbari, Basantapur, Pakhriwas and other places. Hunters can be reached by paying a fare of Rs 50. Nowadays, auto rickshaws from Dharan also provide services to hunters.. Namaste waterfall can be reached after descending from Bhedetar to Namje 2 km east and 2 km north.

There are dozens of well-equipped hotels and lodges for tourists who want to spend many days in there  . Most of the winter trekking is tempting. Kodo’s Tungba and Rango’s Sukuti are considered special ‘items’ here. For those who like Nepali food, Gundruk’s Sinki is a good dish here. According to hotel operators, Indian and Chinese food is also prepared for foreign tourists.Although Bhedetar is an attractive destination for sightseeing, there has been little publicity. No initiative has been taken to bring foreign tourists to the capital. The Tourism Board does not seem to have taken any initiative to bring tourists here. Entrepreneurs here lament the role of the Tourism Board in the development of tourism in the East. ‘It is unfortunate that there is no effective program to promote tourism in Bhedetar. Now everything has to go this way .Of course, there is also a lack of large capacity hotels in Bhedetar. There is a situation where even 50-60 tourists cannot be accommodated.

If someone wants to hold a seminar and a large number of tourists have to stay, there is a lack of such hotels in Bhedetar.Dharan is the gateway to Bhedetar. Dharan is also considered as a tourist destination of the East. Therefore, it is necessary to expand Bhedetar and surrounding historical-religious areas including Dharan as tourist areas.However, there is a possibility of extending the cable car from Dharan to Bhedetar. Like Manakamana of Gorkha, Pathibhara temple of Bhedetar can also become a tourist attraction . Paragliding has also been tested here. For that, two companies have been registered and started working. However, due to the rainy season, this work has not been carried out effectively. In any case, the successful test has confirmed that paragliding can be started from Bhedetar to Dharan.


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