Dalit in Nepal:Story Of Discrimination

Dalits in Nepal

 Dalit in Nepal-If we look in history of Dalit in Nepal the state administration, consumption, caste and language development. the Dalit caste has a long history in Nepal.Discussions took place in the royal family among the brothers on how to run the state.

Then Jayasthiti Malla thought.now we have to identify the skill and divide the work which is the first steps introduce Dalit . Concluding that only this state can be run, otherwise it will be difficult, he convened a meeting at the palace. King of Nepal Jayasthiti Malla ruled from time to time from 1360 to 1395.

Dalits in Nepal
 Caste system
Dalits in Nepal

At the same time, when Kingof Nepal Jayasthiti Malla ascended the throne, he needed shoes to wear. The debate began as to who could make it. Someone said, “Sir, I can do that.” who is today’s Dalit .

The king was happy and ordered to bring it. The man happily worked hard for a few days and made shoes. He pointed to the king and said, “Sir, I have made shoes according to your wishes and orders.” And the king of Nepal put on a harrier, and it was all right. The than Dalit also got applause.

The dancer was given the job of dancing, the shoemaker(Dalit in Nepal) was given the job of leather. The one who made gold( Dalit in Nepal) was given the job of gold. And the one who made iron was given the job of iron.

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Dalits in Nepal
Dalits Iin Nepal

But later on, the king of Nepal gave gold to those who made leather, goldsmiths (Dalit )to those who made gold.And blacksmiths (Dalit)to those who made iron. The dancers were made the caste of the singing plaintiffs. The developed form of this was later divided into castes. In time, it became a caste.The lower level of the caste(Dalit) is mentioned in the history of the practice.

Today’s Dalit are also facing the same misfortune. It also shows how much of an ax it is in humans. The National Civil Court enacted the Civil Code in Nepal 1854 and declared the end of ethnic untouchability in Nepal. but it was not implemented in Nepal . Until now, people of Nepal of different Dalit classes have been facing the same fate.

It is estimated that there are about 20 percent Dalit in Nepal. Out of them, they will be full in themselves only if they are able to revive their skills, art and culture. It is not that there is not much research on Dalit caste in Nepal,Dalit in Nepal word is limited to paper only.

Dalits in Nepal
Caste in Nepal

In its developed form in Nepal , the foundation of caste system was laid in Nepal. And later Prithvinarayan Shah also used them during the war while uniting the Bhuretakur kings. No initiative has been taken to end caste discrimination  .

In India, Mahatma Gandhi did as he did. Dalit have not contributed less since the creation of the whole of Nepal. Like Maniram Gaine, Bage Sarki, Birkhe Nakarmi, Dil Bahadur Ramtel, they became scapegoats for the Dalit in  Nepal liberation movement. Which the leaders took advantage of. They  are where they belong. Promised during the war and emptied their power and devotion in Nepal .

Dalit always say that they should be employed as they are skilled but the upper castes always eat the fruits? There is a tendency to despise them in one way or another in Nepal . Many researches on Dalit caste in the 21st century have shown that Dalit has a long history.


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