Lord Krishna: His Characters,Forms & Personality

Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna is one of the most famous and praised God in Hinduism. He is considered to be the incarnation of Lord Bishnu who took birth in Treta Era to teach and give lesson to the People in the world to work for good and live life in the way of “Dharma”. There are many stories about Lord Krishna. Krishna, who had a love affair with 1600 Gopinis, had a close friendship with the very poor Sudama. Whether in terms of scholarship or romance, Lord Krishna is one step ahead. This unique and rainbow charcater  of his, has become an ideal for the present generation as well.

Lord Krishna

Krishna’s Birth & Rise to End Untruth

Avatar is a combination of two Sanskrit words. ‘Ava’ which means arrival and ‘Tara’ which means star. Krishna is believed to have been born for the end of Kansa and the end of bad tendencies. Nata was Kansa Krishna’s real uncle.

Kansha had imprisoned his sister-in-law after he was pronounced dead at the hands of his nephew. Krishna was born in the same jail. And, his father got him out of jail in a very safe and unique way. While the jail was said to have seven doors. And, soldiers were stationed in each. As soon as Lord Krishna was born, he got into trouble. However, he grows up coping with all these problems. His  date of birth, his appearance, Lilas(Stories) are   all meaningful.

Lord Krishna

Why Black Skin Color?

Krishna is often shown in dark blue. Krishna means black or dark. This means that in order for seekers to enter into self-contemplation, they need to turn their eyes to themselves. The outer eyes should be closed. The outer eye sees the colorful world, the inner eye the truth. An article mentions that the element that is initially felt when returning to the truth is darkness.

Lord Krishna

The Vices Within Oneself

It says, ‘Krishna’s color is black, that is, formless.’ When the seeker enters within himself, he begins to see the dark side of himself. There is a poisonous thing inside people like a monster, a snake. There is also an cannibalistic tendency. There is work, anger, greed, jealousy, hatred, ego. As one realizes this tendency within oneself, one also realizes the supernatural music and self that manifests within oneself.


Why The Flute And The Conch(Sankha)

He is seen carrying a flute or conch in his hand. While announcing the war, a conch shell is seen in his hand. And, in the humorous situation, Murali.From the formlessness within oneself, meditations begin to resound or begin to be felt, and the sounds outside and inside become monotonous. In this case, devotion, music, dance and entertainment. Lust is secondary. It was depicted as a rasalila of gopinis listening to Murali’s tune. Krishna is seen carrying conch shells during the war. This state is the state where the seeker has risen above worldly pleasures.

Lord Krishna

Meaning of Krishna’s Form

That is to say, Krishna is not a person but a symbol of the supreme power of all creation. His appearance and various activities show that a person becomes God by becoming a seeker. Therefore, Krishna Janmashtami is said to be an opportunity to enter the stage of the same sadhana. However, now it is being celebrated as a ritual.

Lord Krishna

Darkness and spirituality

The astrological side of Krishna is considered dark and the dry side is considered as the light side. The moon side is dark and black. Similarly, Shuklapaksha is luminous. It is mentioned that Krishna’s side is the time to start from the point of view of spiritual practice. Ashtami falls right in the middle of this side.Fasting is done on the day before Krishna Ashtami. Thus, the dark night is important for those who fast and enter into the formless form.

Lord Krishna

The Meaning of the Name

Lord Krishna had six other brothers born, who were killed by Kansa. It is said that Devaki once asked her to return all her dead sons so that she could see her sons. The sons’ names were Smar, Udgi, Pariswanga, Patanga, Kusubrat and Gharni. It is known as various human senses. Smar means memory, Udgi means speech, Pariswig means listening, etc. After his death, Krishna was born.



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